Eklavya Model Residential School buildings developed cracks after recent earthquake


CHANDEL, April 17: The Eklavya Model Residential School, Chikim Veng Moreh building has developed cracks due to the earthquake that struck the State on April 13.

Apart from the school building, both the boys and girls hostels have also developed cracks on the wall and floor of the building.

At the girls’ hostel building, some layers of the plastered wall have also fallen down, besides several cracks appearing on the wall and floor of the building.

Moreover, the parapet on the roof top of the girls hostel building is also on the verge of collapse.

Speaking to media persons, Henkholun Touthang, Principal of the school said that the students are gripped with fear and are reluctant to stay in the hostel since the cracks developed on the wall and floors in their rooms.

However, the students have stayed back in the hostels after the school authorities assured nothing will happen to them, he added.

He also maintained that there is a strong apprehension of the building collapsing, if another earthquake with a similar magnitude was to strike again in the near future.

While drawing the attention of the concern authority, he has also urged the State government to dispatch an expert team for assessing the school buildings whether it is safe for the students to stay further or not.

It is worth to mentioning that the Residential School was inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhanngam in 2014 and at present more than 140 students are enrolled in the school.


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