‘Forest is the primary life force, conserving it has become our worship’


IMPHAL, April 22: As observed elsewhere in different parts of the word, Earth Day, under the theme ‘Trees for the Earth’ was organised today at Punsilok, Langol Imphal. The observation was carried out under the initiative of the Wild Life and Habitat Protection Society, WAHPS Imphal.

M Loiyangamba, secretary of WAHPS speaking to IFP said the Earth Day is the first of its kind to be observed at Punsilok. “We hope to carry forward the observation every year with wider participation of people who are concern about environment and wild life. I am glad that our members have turned up in good number in spite of the rain and thunderstorm”, he said.

Loiyangamba further said that environment degradation is taking place at an alarming rate and it is high time right thinking citizens of the state consider protection and promotion of environment as one important priority for action based initiatives. “For me and my friends who have voluntarily nurtured the forest and its habitat at Punsilok for the last 14 years or so, our biggest worship is forest conservation”, he said adding that primary life force of all living beings is the forest and its habitat.

He continued that Punsilok which is part of the Langol Hill range has now more than 100 varieties of trees and 30 varieties of bamboo besides a number of orchids. He emphasised that Punsilok is a reserved forest area and Forest Department of the government of Manipur is its rightful authority. “We are happy that the department concerned has acknowledged our voluntarism and dedication. They have even expressed satisfaction during our interactions that Punsilok can be one of the finest models of forest and wild life conservation”, he said.

As part of the observation, 3 varieties of bamboo were planted by the volunteers of WAHPS, locally known as Nat, Longa and Leewa at the Punsilok forest area. The observation was kicked off with a ‘Hirikonba’ session of meditation by the volunteers and it was followed by a poetry session. Later there was an engaging deliberation on the issues and challenges of environment and wild life by the members of the society.


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