Hailstorm damages houses in Bishnupur villages


BISHNUPUR, April 23: A heavy hailstorm created havoc in Bishnupur district today around 12:30pm. During the storm, hails which were larger than eggs damaged many GI roof tops at Oinam, Keinou, Maibam, Ishok Wahengkhuman, Kha Sanjenbam and other places in the district.

Several houses damaged in the hailstorm which lasted around 15 minutes. Roof tops were also flown away in the storm.

Several trees were uprooted and vegetations were destroyed during the storm.

A farm rearing more than 800 hens was also damaged killing most of the hens at Keinou. The farm belongs to one Keisham Somorjit Singh.

At Nongmaikhong under Bishnupur district several houses were flown away by the storm.

During a trip along the Tiddim Road in the late evening, this reporter witnessed several trees uprooted, rooftops damaged from Moirang Khunou to Bishnupur.

Several birds were also killed in the storm.

Another storm which lashed the district around 5:30 to 6pm had only worsen the situation in the district.


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