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Ishok villagers worried of plantation damaged by hailstorm

BISHNUPUR, April 26: The recent bout of unprecedented thunderstorm and hailstorm which wreck havoc in most parts of the State had also majorly affected Bishnupur district.

However, despite the damages of several houses whose tin roofs were flown away or damaged by the hails which were as large as eggs, the major concern of the farmers of Ishok villagers is not the immediate damages, but the paddy fields destroyed by the hail and flood.

The hailstorm had damaged the paddy fields in the district which have also been inundated by the accompanying rain which has led to apprehension of an acute shortage of rice production this year.

The hailstorms had not just damaged the paddy fields, but all kinds of vegetations in the district.

Vegetable farms where the u-morok varieties of chillies are planted have also been affected. Farms where more than 500 saplings of u-morok were planted which could have easily profited around Rs 4-5 lakhs have been damaged.

A villager Longjam Englel Meitei said Ishok Village has around 500 househols and the damages caused by the damages of houses could be only around Rs 80 lakhs, however, damage of paddy fields where early rice are planted could go upto Rs 3.6 crore, whereas the damages of u-morok farms could go upto around Rs 1.5 crore.

Now the villagers are less worried of their damaged house and more of their farms, because if the paddy fields are damaged and they fail to yield there will be famines next year, he claimed.

He said there is also no other option for earning estra income.

Not only the paddy fields, and u-morok farms, but the recent thunderstorm and hailstorms have damaged all kinds of plantations including fruit trees, he lamented.

He further urged the concerned authorities to look into the issue at the earliest and help the villagers.



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