JNMDA’s 62nd Foundation Day celebration concludes with varied artistic shows


IMPHAL, April 3: The 3 – day long celebration of 62nd Foundation Day of the Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal concluded today evening at its Open Air Auditorium complex with Bashok performances.

Speaking as the chief guest of the concluding ceremony, Aribam Syam Sharma lauded the enterprise of JNMDA in upholding the rich legacy of art and culture of the state. The noted filmmaker, who is also a singer cum music composure paying homage to the ‘artistic geniuses’ of Manipur said, “It is a wonder how our gurus in the past made such profound contribution in music and dance”.

Syam Sharma said, “It is difficult to imagine how the artistes of a small population in those olden days manage to develop such highly aesthetic art form like Nata Sankirtan, while at the same time toil in the fields for food, and defend the land as well in the time of an attack by the enemies”.

Acknowledging the richness of different performing art form which has flourished in the state and elsewhere, Syam Sharma however noted that there is a tendency among the younger artists to indulge more in ‘flashy’ aspects of art, which could belittle the essence. “I understand that with time there will be changes in style and form but we must be careful not to demean the essential elements”, he said.

S Thanil Singh, eminent guru of Nata Sankirtan, who presided over the concluding function of the celebration maintained that young artist and students must be encouraged to take opportunity in exposing themselves to varied art forms. “I was glad to see a good turnout of students on the inaugural day, but today most of them are not present except for faculty members. The JNMDA authorities must take a note of it so that it does not happen in the future”, he said.

It may be mentioned that Nupi Bashok led by Y Geetarani and Nupa Bashok led by N Boyai respectively were presented on the last day of the celebration. A good number of senior artistes and gurus along Nata Sankirtan enthusiast were witness of the performance.


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