Joykishan demands minister Biren to keep assurance to implement FSA by April 25


IMPHAL, April 19: Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykishan today expressed hope that the new State Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution minister Ksh Biren will not deceive and betray the people like the previous minister.

Quoting a newspaper interview, the MLA said the new minister has assured to implement the Food Security Act in the State by April 25, which comes as an encouraging and good sign for the people, despite the fact that the Act has reached the State a little late.

However, the minister should not disappoint the people and not promise anything in public platform which he will be unable to fulfil, he added.

The previous minister of the Congress government had directed all concerned for the formation of district level committee for implementation of the Food Security Act in the State, he said.

Joykishan observed it is already April 19 today and there is just about a week left for the new minister to fulfil his assurance.

In just about one week, the minister may not even get all the information and details required, he said.

He said minister Biren has promised to issue the beneficiary cards within the coming two-three days and if he manages to do so within the said timeline, the people may consider the new minister is working for the welfare of the people.

Although tenders have been invited from Fair Price Shops, the government is yet to declare the results, he added.

In such a scenario, it is an uphill task for the minister to fulfil his assurance, Joykishan added.

He further demanded a white paper on the issue before the Act is implemented in the State.

We should not forget that although we have a new minister, the government is still of the Congress, he added.

People should ask as to why the PDS items for the month of March were not distributed, he asserted.

If the minister wants to prove himself, he should issue the PDS quotas for April and March at the earliest, Joykishan demanded.

He continued that the CAF and PD officials including director M Yaishkul, DSOs Viradhaja and RK Binoy were supposed to make clarifications on certain queries made by the BJP before March 14; however, there is still no replies, he said demanding the officials to make the clarifications at the earliest.


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