Kuki students Organistion concern over tension in Bungpi village


KANGPOKPI, April 28: Pertaining to the alleged trouble brewing up in Bungpi area in the aftermath of the killing of a truck driver, the Kuki Students’ Organization-GHQ today expressed deep concern over the atmosphere in the area and asserted it will not condone any threat on innocent villagers.

The student body said that it is being reported that the villagers of Gangpikon and Songphel were allegedly threatened in the wake of the incident by some unscrupulous persons, and said that such threat and warning aimed at innocent villagers do not bode well for everyone as the situation could take an ugly and nasty turn if such threat perception persists.

While strongly condemning the killing of the innocent driver Ashang, the student body said that the abominable act was an act of individuals and must not be construed as an act of a particular community and painting a communal hue to the whole incident would be totally offensive and wrong.

Seiboi Haokip, general secretary, KSO-GHQ said that police have already apprehended one of the alleged killers and the case is being investigated earnestly by the concerned authority and as such the true nature of the incident and the persons responsible for the killing will be revealed in the course of the investigation.

Therefore, the trouble that continues to persist in the area in spite of the arrest is rather perplexing and unfortunate, he added.

The student body also noted that it is important for everyone not to lose sight of the fact behind the kidnapping and eventual death of the truck driver while the people of the area are well aware of the fact that the whole incident happened because of the quarrel between two contractors over the Sanakeithel-Leisan PMGSY road construction contract.

Meanwhile, the student body also condemned the delay in bringing the case to its conclusive end while blaming the incompetence of the police and the investigating authority in solving the case even after one of the alleged killers is in their custody.

The student body also faults the incompetency of the police and investigating authority for threat and warning to innocent villagers allegedly by some scrupulous persons while holding responsible the State government for any undesirable consequences that may happen as a result of confusion and misunderstanding among the people.

“The government should leave no stone unturned to arrest the masterminds behind the killing so as to put to rest all misgivings and doubts”, it added.

While appealing to every individual and organization to maintain sanity and refrain from any activity that involves threat and intimidation to innocent villagers for peace and harmony.


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