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Manipur Boxing Coach Ibomcha has left no room for compromise: Showroom proprietor

IMPHAL, April 28: Proprietor of Roshika Auto World N Ronel Singh said that boxing coach Leishangthem Ibomcha Singh has left no room for compromise on their ongoing feud over the repairing of a car, although the April 26 incident was an unfortunate one.

Speaking to media persons today at the Manipur Press Conference, Ronel said on October 14, 2015, Ibomcha had paid Rs. 50,000 as booking advance of a Fiat Punto Evo Multijet 1.3 which cost Rs. 8,99,450.

He said delivery of the car was made on October 19, 2015 with instalment payment for the car agreed to be made through HDFC Thoubal Branch. On the day of the delivery, Ibomcha paid another Rs 2,53,000 in cash, he added.

Ronel said the car was handed over to Ibomcha without any documents with the assurance that he will provide the same within a few days.

However, when Ibomcha brought the car to his showroom workshop for repairing after an accident on November 29, the car was yet to be registered in Ibomcha’s name.

He said again on January 28, 2016, Ibomcha had paid Rs 3 lakhs but the repairing was yet to be completed, although they the workshop had already used parts worth Rs 3,22,960.

He said the workshop had even started the ignition of the car before Ibomcha’s son who had come to check the repairing work.

Ronel said the April 26 incident was unfortunate and he had never expected such behaviour from a renowned personality like boxing coach Ibomcha.

He continued he never had any intention to belittle or insult sportspersons; however, coach Ibomcha has left no room for settlement or compromise, he added.

Meanwhile, speaking to this reporter on the phone, coach Ibomcha said he was ready to pay the full amount of the car once its repairing was done which had already been informed to the concerned showroom.

However, the repeated delay in completion of the car repairing angered him, he said.

On April 26, when he went to the showroom, he found the car unattended and covered in dust and cobwebs which only made him more angry, he said.

He reiterated that he had never tried to threaten anyone using his gun.



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