ZUF denies gun-fight with Army, says its cadres didn’t retaliate to Army’s firing


IMPHAL, April 15: Denying allegations that missing Kuki Students Organisation leader Lalchuailo was killed during a recent gunfight between the Zeliangrong United Front and the Indian Army, the ZUF has in a statement claimed that Neisial was “mercilessly killed on the spot on that fateful evening after Indian Army captured him.”

The statement further denied any cross firing on April 11 as was reported in local dailies and said there was no cross firing between Zeliangrong Tiger Force (the armed wing of ZUF) and the Major Amit Deswal led Special Forces (Commando) at Lenglong Village in Tamenglong on the said day.

It said on April 11, a team of the Rashtriya Rifles and Special Forces led by the deceased major had laid an ambush by firing indiscriminately at a team of ZTF cadres on their way back to one of its camps guided by two civilians including general secretary of Kuki Students’ Organisation Tuilang block from Lenglong Kuki Village.

Considering the safety of the two civilians, ZTF cadres refrained from retaliating to the firing from the security forces and withdrew “unconditionally” from the place, the ZUF statement said.

It said Neisial was killed mercilessly on the spot around 6:20pm.

The two civilians including the KSO leader were requested by the ZTF cadres just to lead them to their camp while returning from normal duty as usual.

It said the two being locals had shown their respect and co-operation to the cadres and happily agreed to lead the way.

The outfit further denied allegations levelled by the KSO which was published in local newspapers that the ZUF had forced the two civilians to accompany them.

When the firing started from unknown direction, the ZTF cadres along with the two civilians tried to withdraw from the spot without any retaliation, but the Indian Army captured one of the civilians and killed him later, it said.

The ZTF cadres did not shoot back even a single bullet as they didn’t know from where and from which party the attack was coming, it said.

However, all cadres of ZTF managed to reach their camp safe and sound, it said.

There was no dead and casualty from the side of the ZTF, the statement clarified.

“It is certain that Major Amit Deswal and other personnel might have been killed by the bullets of the security personnel as there is no retaliation from the sides of the ZTF,” the statement said.

It said the Indian Army has termed the ZUF as a terrorist group/ organisation as was reported by NDTV on April 14, which is inappropriate.

The meaning ‘terrorist’ should not be construed to the people or organisation who are friendly to the locals and who don’t terrorise the general public in anyway and to people who are legitimate to fight for their rights, land, resources and to their people, it claimed.

The general public should aware the sinister design of the Indian security forces to malign the good image of the peace loving Zeliangrong arm cadres in future who are perusing the genuine cause of their people.


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