38 hour JCILPS general strike begins


Joint committee asks public to abstain work and join agitation during strike

IMPHAL, May 19: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System has announced a 38-hour general strike from 4 am of May 20 till 6pm of May 21.

Making the announcement in a press conference in Imphal, JCILPS Convenor Khomdram Ratan appealed to the general public to abstain work and business during the strike.

He asked people working in business establishments, government offices, private sector offices and educational institutions to take part in the protest demonstrations.

Kh Ratan said, essential services and media persons besides religious activities are exempted from the general strike.

Ratan further appealed to the people to join in protesting against the delay in implementation of the three bills passed by the state assembly on August 31, 2015.

He recalled, the growth of migrant population in the State had reached alarming proportions within a span of 63 years from 2719 in 1948 to 10 lakhs in 2011 census.

He said, the Manipur permit system was abolished by 1950 the then Chief Commissioner Himmat Singh in November 1950 without having any power vested in him to do so.

This had only facilitated the unchecked influx of migrants into the State, he added.

Convenor Ratan blamed the 60 MLAs of the state for failing to convince the Centre on such an important issue.

Ratan further said, the Centre seems to be neglecting the genuine interests of the people of the State.

Following widespread public agitation last year, the State Assembly in a special session had unanimously passed the three bills on August 31, 2015.

The then state Governor had referred the three bills to the President and lying unattended, he lamented.

He said, JCILPS and the public had no other option but to rejuvenate the agitation for giving pressure to both the State and the Centre.


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