Bid to storm CM’s bungalow foiled


IMPHAL, May 29: Police today foiled an attempt to storm the official residence of the Chief Minister by volunteers of JCILPS Women Wing. A group of women activists marched up to the CM’s official residence at around 1 pm today. But they were driven back from the gate of the CM’s compound. Even though they were driven back up to the Head Post Office, the women activists shouted many slogans such as “Enforce ILPS in Manipur”, “All politicians who have no guts to take the ILPS issue to Delhi should resign from their respective posts”, “Outsiders should not contest elections nor cast votes in Manipur” etc.

Later, some women lied down while some others squatted in the middle of the road.
They were again driven back up to the Nupi Lan complex where they confronted police for almost half an hour. In the ensuing ruckus, one woman named Suni was injured and she broke down. Immediately, she was taken away by fellow protesters. Perturbed by the relentless protest agitation, police further drove back the protesters up to Nityaipat Chuthek.
There, they tried to storm the office of BJP Manipur Pradesh but their attempt was foiled by a strong team of police deployed there.

From Nityaipat Chuthek, the protesting women were further driven back up to Keishampat, Sega Road and a strong police team was seen keeping a strict vigil at Keishampat junction.


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