Imphal River bank breaches, large areas flooded


Imphal valley flood manipurIMPHAL, May 22: Around a 50 feet long stretch of Imphal River bank (eastern side) breached at the impact of the ever increasing water volume at Kyamgei Muslim Oinam Loukon at around 8 pm today. The extent of the area flooded by water flowing through the breached portion of the bank could not be ascertained at the time of filing this report. With all major rivers draining Manipur River flowing above warning level, a large section of people have been caught in a panicky situation and many of them have started building dykes and embankments along vulnerable river banks. Large areas of the valley have been already flooded by overflowing water or water which seeped through river banks. Dykes and embankments have been built along Imphal river banks at Khurai Nandeibam Leikai, Khurai Heikrumakhong, Khurai Thoudam Leikai, Lairikyengbam Makha Leikai and Singjamei Leishangthem Leikai. Many schools, houses, community halls, temples, playgrounds, clubs and crematoriums located on and along Imphal River banks have been flooded. It is reported that the roads of Thangmeiband Polem Leikai have been inundated by water overflowing from Naga rivulet. It is reported that the roads and streets of Hodam Leirak, Kwakeithel Thokchom Leikai and Paona Bazar have been flooded. Fearing possible breaching of river banks, a large section of people have vacated their homes. Many of them criticised that the State Government and relevant departments have not so far initiated a single step to tackle the flood situation. People of Khurai Thoudam Leikai were seen building a dyke on the road which runs along Imphal River using earth-filled cement bags. Imphal River is overflowing over a length of 50 feet above the retaining wall near Lamlong Higher Secondary School. Panic-stricken people were seen building embankments using bamboo thatches and bamboo poles near Lamlong bridge, Salanthong and Heikrumakhong. Water are seeping through the banks at many of these points. One P Ranjit of Lairikyengbam Makha Leikai said that the State Government is as good as dead as far as people’s woes related to the flood situation are concerned. He nonetheless acknowledged that some assistance was provided by the Heingang AC MLA in building embankments. Many lanes and streets of Khurai have been flooded while large tracts of paddy fields located within Khundrakpam AC have also been inundated. On account of breaching of river banks at two/three different points, around 200 paris of paddy fields have been flooded at Uyumpok and Nungshum. It is reported that flood water have started inundating many dwelling houses too. Meanwhile, it is reported that eight houses at TM Dingpi village, Khengjoi sub-division were destroyed by thunderstorm yesterday. Affected families are now taking refuge at Joupi village. Onjamang Touthang, chief of TM Dingpi said thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rainfall blew away the roofs of 8 houses in the morning of May 21. Since then, the affected victims have been taking shelter in Joupi village.

Many parts of Bishnupur district have also been affected by flood submerging many households. Moirang Multipurpose Hr Secondary School, Moirang Police Station have been flooded. Many households were inundated by flood water in various parts of Moirang.
Many households in Ngangkhalawai have also been flooded. Vegetable farms and houses at Nambol Kongkham, Nambol Awang, Nambol Mongjing, Nambol Sabal Leikai, Nambol Makha Leikai, Top Khabi, Thanga, Kumbi, Moirang Part I, Moirang Part II, Chengei, Thoya, Kokilbon, Sribon and Phubala have been inundated by flood water. Due to overflowing of Moirang river water, many houses in Moirang Lamkhai, Khoiru, Okshongbung, Moirang SDO office, Moirang College and Community Health Centre have been flooded. Overflowing river water have also flooded many houses in Kwakta Charangpat, Kwakta Khuman, Kwakta Santhong and Kwakta Sevla. Relief camps have been set up to provide shelter to the affected families. 50 paris of fish farms at Moirang Khunou Hougram-pat, Keibul, Kha Thinungei, Kumbi Laphu-pokpi and Samuputhabi have been affected by flood water. Relief camps have been set up at various places including Moirang Khiru Mandop, Loktak Fish Market, Moirang High School Panshang Leikai, Turenban Mandop, Kokilbon Mandop, Thana Leikai Mandop, Sribon Mandop and Mayai Leikai Laithangjing Mandop by the district administration. In Thoubal district, many houses at Tentha, Sangai-yumpham, Kakching, Keirak and Wabagai have been inundated by overflowing river water. Around 300 houses in Tentha Khunou Maning Leikai have been affected after a breach in nearby river bank. Large tracts of agricultural land in Khundrakpam AC have also been submerged in flood water caused by heavy rainfall that lashed the State on May 20 and 21. Nongsum and eight other adjoining villages in Imphal East district remained cut off from the rest of the State today as around half-feet deep flood water coming from Khamenlok river was flowing above Uyumpok-Nongshum road for around half a kilometre. No pedestrian and vehicle could cross this portion of the road due to the strong water current.
A 10-metre long portion of Khamenlok river bank sank at Uyumpok Thingel Mapal yesterday evening.

Since then flood water has been entering non-stop into many villages and agricultural lands.
Agricultural lands at Chagemlokpa, Khumeipokpi, Humaikok and Uyumpok have been totally submerged with flood water. And this has wreaked havoc at many watermelon farms at these areas. SDO Sawombung visited the area today. He assured the affected villagers that the situation will be reported to the authority concerned. On the other hand, flood water cut off Khundrakpam-Sawombung road at Yumnam Khunou and Sambei. Many localities of Tangkham and Pukhao villages are also inundated with flood water. Large tracts of agricultural lands of Yumnam Khunou, Sambei, Tangkham, Khundrakpam, Pangei and other villages located on the western side of Sajiwa Central Jail were seen covered with flood water.

On the other hand, due to overflowing of Nambul river various localities of Uripok-Kanchup road are also flooded. Cheirap Court complex, both sides of BT Flyover on Uripok side, Uripok Panchi Maning, Laikhurembi, Huidrom Leikai, Ahanthem Leikai Ningthoukhongjam Leikai, Polem Leikai, Achom leikai, Naoremthong, Khullem Leikai, Shamusang to Iroisemba were submerged in water due to the overflow of Nambul river. The worst affected area on Uripok-Kangchup road was Shamushang.


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