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IPAK seeks explanation

IMPHAL, May 27 : Indigenous People’s Association of Kangleipak (IPAK) has demanded an apology from former Human Rights Commission Member Yambem Laba for his remark on ILPS movement on May 22 at a meeting organised by the Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee.
IPAK chairperson Sapamcha Jadumani in a press meet held at its office today said Yambem Laba should come to IPAK office on May 30 and tender an apology to the people for his outrageous remark.
Yambem Laba at the STDC meeting on May 22 had allegedly remarked that the ILPS movement in the State will not fructify. IPAK chairperson has sought clarification from Yambem Laba for his statement. “What is it that he thought will be ineffective ? Is it the three Bills or ILPS ? We want to know. He should present himself at IPAK office and enlighten the people,” Jadumani stated.
The ILPS movement is for the people. Its sole purpose is to save the indigenous people of the State – both hills and the valley. This should have been a movement supported by both valley and hill people, the chairman observed.
The voices of opposition to the movement are from those who do not understand what implementation of ILPS would mean for the State.
Jadumani appealed to all to stop mixing the ILPS and ST issue. “Some people are of the opinion that ILPS will automatically be implemented once ST status is achieved. This is a pure misconception. There is no set rule that ILPS should be implemented in ST approved States only,” he stated.



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