JCILPS backed by Corcom, Bills against Tribal interests: JAC


IMPHAL, May 7: The Joint Action Committee Against Anti-Tribal Bills has come out strongly against the State government that it does not act in the common interest of all the communities residing in the State.

It states that it has been 250 days since the anti-ILP movement started, however the State refuses to address the grievances of the tribal populace and therefore preventing a proper burial for the nine martyrs.

A press release by the JAC mentions further that the JCILPS has concluded its statewide curfew , but it had scant effect on the tribal territories.

It alleged that the JCILPS which is a valley based organization and is backed by the CorCom.

It mentions that the curfew was met with no objection from the Congress led government is a clear indication that the State government is biased along communal lines.

It warned that the ball has been passed to the BJP for converting the 3 Bills into Acts will not be a good move, as garnering political mileage while displaying contempt for tribals will be detrimental to the survival of any political party, whether national or regional, it said.

It mentions further that a six paged document outlining the exact points in the Bill which were found to be anti-tribal and an infringement on the constitutionally guaranteed tribal rights was submitted to the Chief Minister on January 11, 2016.

However, Manipur government has shown no interest in bringing about any solution to the current impasse and has not sent out any invitation for talks with the tribal JAC since the said date.

Instead, it has been propagating baseless accusations that the JAC is refusing to talk to Manipur government while in reality, the JAC is waiting for an invitation from the government’s side, it said.

To the tribal people, the 3 Bills which infringe on tribal identity , land rights and economy are only a new chapter in Manipur government’s intrinsic policy of cultural alienation, political marginalization and developmental exclusion of the tribals and hence is a well thought out policy of modern day political conquest and annexation and having nothing to do with the Inner Line Permit system, it said.

The growing sentiment is now of mistrust and total disregard for the State government which further nourishes the tribal aspiration for separation of tribal territories and is seen as the only viable solution , it warned.

The JAC further warns that any spillover from this issue will be the fault of the Union and State government , the release concluded.


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