KNO objects shutdown call


IMPHAL, May 16 : The Kuki National Organisation (KNO) has objected the proposed 48 hours total shutdown called by the Churachandpur JAC from May 16 midnight to May 18 midnight in protest against the decision of the all political parties meeting to proceed to Delhi to enact the three Bills.
In a statement issued by its under secretary Stephen Kuki, the KNO said that the 48 hrs total shutdown has been called following a resolution passed by the Kuki Inpi, Manipur and United Naga Council.
“KNO firmly instructs that the proposed shutdown is not carried out. The rationale for KNO’s instruction lies in the fact that there is no basis for Kukis and Nagas to proceed together on political issues,” KNO said.
Despite NSCN-IM’s aggression on the Kuki people from 1992 -1997 in which casualties were extreme and suitable rehabilitation was not made by the Government, in the interest of both Kukis and Nagas, KNO made overtures for dignified ‘reconciliation’ by proposing signing of an MoU by KNO and NSCN (IM). However, NSCN (IM) failed to respond with courtesy, it said.
Yet, when Th Muivah, general secretary of NSCN (IM) was to cross Mao gate to travel to his hometown in Ukhrul district in May 2010 and request was made for ‘support’ for smooth passage, the KNO obliged, it said.
“KNO does not shy away from working together with Nagas where common interest of both Nagas and Kukis may be served.
However, if NSCN (IM) does not reciprocate KNO’s affirmative stand for concrete political understanding and consensus, or comes up with an appropriate proposal to serve as the basis for joint activity, KIM, UNC or JAC Churachandpur may not proceed with any common activity such as shutdowns,” it added.
The KNO also strongly reiterated its categorical objection to the proposed JAC Churachandpur’s call for a 48 hrs total shutdown.
“Should any individual or party not comply with KNO’s intimation and proceeds with the shutdown, appropriate action will necessarily follow,” it cautioned.


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