KSO, SDSA concerned by public outcry in Sadar Hills


KANGPOKPI, May 3: KSO-GHQ has expressed its deep concerned over the public outcry in Sadar Hills in the wake of commando deployment at Gamgiphai and urged the government not to recklessly ignore the public reaction against the creation of the commando outpost at the area.

The student body asserted that the Manipur police commandos’ track record of afflicting undue harassment and suffering to innocent civilians is the main cause of the opposition and it is a fact that the Manipur police commandos have become the personification of fear and intimidation for the public.

It stated that the government did nothing to allay the fear and apprehension felt by the people.

Seiboi Haokip, general secretary of KSO-GHQ said that the people are apprehensive that the deployment of commandos at Gamgiphai would not help in controlling the law and order situation in the area, but will only worsen law and order problems as only civilians will turn out to be their victims, not the anti-social elements.

He also said that the government can ameliorate law and order situation only by taking into confidence the civil society organizations while adding that the Government must understand significant roles of the CSOs in maintaining law order and bringing peace and development in a state like Manipur.

“To impress force upon the people is not the right solution while Commandos only strike terror in the hearts of gullible civilians, the public cannot afford to live under the shadow of fear and terror at all times”, He added.

While concerning deployment of commandos at Gamgiphai, the student body further said that the Government should hear out the voice of the people first before it contemplates on stationing the police commandos at Gamgiphai without the consent of the people.

The KSO General Headquarters also strongly condemned the kidnapping of Biabiak, the PRO of MLA Ginsuanhau by unidentified miscreants on the eve of April 26 and demands the unconditional and immediate release of the PRO while urging the government to arrest the kidnappers.

Meanwhile, joining voices against the deployment of Manipur Police Commandos in Hill Districts of Manipur, the Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) has also condemned the presence of the alleged rogue forces in Senapati District.

The apex student body noted that, the posting of commandos in Hill Districts has not serve any purpose it has intended but created chaos and fear among the people while alleging that, going by past records of killing and harassing the general public by Manipur Commandos, it is in tribal interest that, the disgraced forces should be immediately withdrawn from Gamgiphai Outpost which was recently deployed.

It also alleged that, since the stationing near Motbung, the Manipur Commandos has began targeting innocent civilians rather than focusing on its actual purposes and on the pretext of law and order, the State force known for its terrorizing history has clear record of fake encounters, killing innocent civilians, harassing public and creating fear among the public.

While urging the State government to immediately withdraw the Commandos from the District, the SDSA warned that if fails to withdraw its force from Gamgiphai the student community will react effectively in the interest of the people.

Meanwhile, many Sadar Hills civil bodies discontentment against the installation of Commando Outpost at Gamgiphai in Sadar Hills and condemned the alleged deceiving attitude of the state Government in the strongest term.

Motbung Area Women Union (MAWU) organized a mass women meeting today at Motbung against the Commando Outpost at Gamgiphai and expressed its endorsement towards the other civil bodies’ movement over the issue.

The meeting participated by thousand of Motbung area women was also attended by SAHILCA, Thadou Women Association, TSA, TYA, KWWO and other various women organization from different parts of the area while Kuki Women Union Sadar Hills attended as an observer.

Speaking at the function, MAWU President, Hechong Tuboi lamented that people of Motbung area will opposed the Government decision to station Imphal West Police Commandos at Gamgiphai and endorse every movement of the civil society organizations of Sadar Hills in withdrawing the Cdo outpost.

Keithelmanbi Youth Association (KYA) also registered its strong condemnation over the Cdo operation on the night of April 30 at Keithelmanbi and creating uncomfortable environment while rendering the innocent women and children in state of dilemma.

The association also censured the installation of Cdo Outpost at Gamgiphai and warned to collaborate with all the civil bodies if the Government fails to withdraw the same at the earliest.

In the same vein, Kuki Women Organization for Human Rights, Sadar Hills unit and Kuki Women Union Sadar Hills also jointly lodged their tough opposition over the establishment of Cdo Outpost at Gamgiphai and condemned the Government decision in creating the outpost in the strongest term.

The two women bodies asserted that Commandos are mean for a specific purposes and they are not allow to station anywhere while adding that Manipur Government is inviting similar past incident of Mao, Moreh, Churachandpur, Noney, etc. in Sadar Hills.

It also said that the State government must also understand the true nature of its Commandos and the way people consider them while adding that there are more problems than harmony wherever the Commandos are present.

Therefore, it will be a wise step on the part of the state Government to abort its decision and withdraw the Cdo from Gamgiphai to ensure safety of Sadar Hills people, it added.

The two women bodies also censured the three MLAs of Sadar Hills over the issue and said that while they are well aware of the state Commandos unappreciated nature they should not allow any element which could cause harm and hurt towards their people.

“If they are not that aware and have little concern for their people they should be boycott in Sadar Hills”, asserted the women bodies.

In the meantime, with the expiry of the ultimatum served by Thadou bodies and endorse by various civil bodies of Sadar Hills, the CSOs Sadar Hills resolved to hold a joint meeting for its course of agitation today at Motbung meeting.

However, they do not disclose the date and venue for the joint meeting and what type of agitation they should go for is not yet known.

It was on these considerations that a new president was appointed for Manipur, he explained.

On the other hand, the BJP Manipur Pradesh has extended the last date for form submission for the intending candidates of IMC election 2016 up to May 9, 4 pm, from the earlier date of May 4, notified by the General Secretary Organization S Premanada.


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