Manipur: Sadar Hills bodies oppose installation of police commando outpost at Gamgiphai


KANGPOKPI, April 30: Several Sadar Hills civil bodies today lodged their strong opposition over the recent installation of Manipur police Commandos (Cdo) outpost at Gamgiphai in Sadar Hills.

A joint meeting was held in connection with the issue wherein civil bodies including the Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, Kuki Women Union Sadar Hills, Kuki Students’ Organization, Sadar Hills, Kuki Organization for Human Rights Sadar Hills and all units of KISH, KWU and KSO vehemently opposed the alleged unexpected creation and installation of Commando outpost at Gamgiphai village under the administrative jurisdiction of Sadar Hills.

The joint meeting of KISH, KWU, KSO and KOHR also censured the state Government’s decision in setting up the Cdo outpost at Gamgiphai for security reason while mentioning that the Manipur Government could have strengthen the district police instead of setting up the Cdo outpost.

The Sadar Hills civil bodies also mentioned the various incidents that occurred in the past at various hill district of the state while confronting the state Government decision to installed Cdo Post and urged the Manipur Government not to reoccurred such unfortunate incident in Sadar Hills.

The joint meeting further appealed the state Government to withdraw the outpost immediately while holding responsible for any untoward incident arises out of it.

Meanwhile, Thadou Students Association, Thadou Youth Association and Thadou Women Association also convened a joint meeting over the same issue at Motbung this afternoon and collectively opposed the installation of Cdo outpost at Gamgiphai yesterday.

The Thadou bodies alleged that the Manipur Police Commandos are donned with a scandalous nature of various menacing activities that even have no respect of women, human rights and civilian lives.

They also alleged that the Cdo personnel showing its true nature started harassing innocent civilian of the area the moment they entered yesterday night.

The joint meeting also noted that installation Commandos in Hill districts of Manipur has been collectively and unanimously opposed by the hills people from time immemorial and in the same vein we also collectively and unanimously opposed the same.

How could we feel secure when the state force who has no hesitation in using live bullet towards the hill peoples are dispatched for our protection and security wondered the Thadou bodies and stated that if it is for highway protection there is enough para military force and district police took look after the same.

The joint meeting of the Thadou bodies also collective resolved that state government must withdraw the alleged communal Manipur Police Commandos within May 3 from Gamgiphai village in Sadar Hills.

It also warns that the people of Sadar Hills will take an extreme form of agitation if the Government fails to withdraw its force from Gamgiphai within the stipulated time and the Government will be solely responsible for any untoward incident.

The Thadou bodies also appealed the three MLAs of Sadar Hills to instantly intervene into matter and cooperatively solve the matter as per the wish of their people.


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