No end to street protest to enact three Bills Students withstand water cannon


E-Front-__-Students-withstand-water-cannon-735x400IMPHAL, May 29: The water cannon procured by the State Government to disperse and drive back agitators was literally rendered ineffective today as 25 students who were demanding enforcement of ILPS or similar mechanism in Manipur did not budge an inch but stood firm with their hands joined together at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai along Tiddim Road today.
Altogether 24 girl students of TG Higher Secondary School, Ibotonsana Girls Higher Secondary School and one male colleague from CC Higher Secondary School staged a protest demonstration at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai community hall.
The students came out and sat on the road at around 3 pm thereby blocking all vehicular traffic including military vehicles.
Although a large police force including women police tried their best to intimidate the protesters and drive them away, the students did not budge even an inch.
Soon, police requisitioned water cannon in their bid to drive away the students. Even as the full force of the water cannon was directed at the 25 students who were sitting on the middle of the road for almost half an hour, the students withstood the massive force with their hands joined together.
Left with no other option, police warned the students to leave the road before they counted up to 100. But the students did not pay any heed.
Ultimately, police resorted to firing tear gas shells and mock bombs. And they (police) somehow could clear the road by around 5 pm and 22 students were pulled up.
Three students were injured in the police action and they were taken to hospital.
One person who was present at the protest site was also pulled up by police.


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