NPF backs Naga peace process ILP Bills against hill people : NPF


front-2__ILP-Bills-againstSENAPATI, May 9 : Leaders of the Naga People’s Front, Manipur unit have reaffirmed their faith in the Naga peace process while at the same time opposing the three Bills passed by the State Assembly on August 31 last year.
These resolutions were taken during the NPF leaders’ consultation programme held at Tamenglong on May 6.
The consultation programme was attended by NPF ADC members, NPF division office bearers and other local leaders.
Announcing their continued support to the political dialogue to find an amicable solution to the Naga issue, NPF in a statement said that solving the Naga political problem will bring peace and development in the State as well as in the entire North East region.
In the same breath, NPF said that it will continue to oppose the three Bills and the resolution passed in the Manipur Assembly on August 31 last year.
The Bills are against the interest of the hill people, said NPF and added that they were passed without following proper procedures.
“It is very clear that the Bills affect the hill areas. According to the Presidential order of 1972 and rule of procedure and conduct of business paragraph 4, any Bill affecting hill areas wholly or partly should be referred to the Hill Area Committee. However, the mentioned rules were not followed before the Bills were passed”, contended NPF.
The NPF also came down strongly against the Congress Govt for ignoring the sentiments of the hill people.
The nine people who were killed in the anti-Bills agitation at Churachandpur are yet to be buried, said NPF and added that till date the State Govt has done nothing to solve or understand the issue.
If the Govt continues to press the Centre to give assent to the Bills, the divide between the hill and valley people will deepen, it said and added that the Govt of Manipur will be held responsible for any unwanted incident. So far the State Govt has done nothing to bring an understanding between the hill people and valley people on the three Bills, contended NPF.
Many leaders at the consultation programme also questioned why the Governor of Manipur failed to report matters pertaining to the hills to the President of India which is mandatory according to the Indian Constitution.


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