Nungei JAC to reveal identities of Aprill 11 firing incident


IMPHAL, May 6: The Joint Action Committee (JAC) formed against the “Nungei cruel firing incident toward Meira pabis’’ has opined that it is going to reveal the identities of three individuals allegedly involved in the April 11 firing before public before asking the government to take full responsibility of any unwanted incident arising aftermath of the revelation.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at the Manipur Press Club JAC’s convener, Sanjoy Kaidem, said that the JAC has able to established the identities of those involved in the firing incident after having conducted an independent investigation.

Dismayed over the failure of the government to book and punish the perpetrators, the Sanjoy Khaidem informed that the JAC will launch a general strike this week to protest against Government’s incompetency.

In the meantime, claiming to have all the credentials of the perpetrators Khaidem divulged that it would soon make public the identities of the individuals.

It lamented that in the wake hue and cry to book the culprits involved in the fire incident within a stipulated time, the government instead had removed IRB troop deployed at Nungei meant for the protection of the villagers.

Claiming that the situation remain charged till date, the JAC convenor pointed out that on May 2 the some individuals from another belonging to another village (groups) yet again allegedly fired upon the Nungei village.

He further alleged that the Lilong Police including its office-in-charge failed to cooperate with JAC when it requested to investigate into the matter to find out the perpetrators.

The police instead aptly responded to the villagers that “booking accused was not easy as catching hen or ducks”, he said.

If the law enforcing agency such as the police whose motto is to serve and protect the people, rectify their act the society would at a great risk, said Khaidem.

The people of Nungei are insecure that the nightmare May 3, 1993 communal clash would repeat if the situation is not contained in time, he said.

The JAC convenor maintained that all approached road leading to the village from the Lilong sides has been blocked using big logs from May 4 till adding that it demanded a police outpost to be open at the village.


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