Police foil TG students’ bid to take out rally


E-Front-__-TG-students-agitation-resumeIMPHAL, May 27: A Sub-Inspector was injured even as police foiled another attempt of TG Higher Secondary School students to take out a rally demanding immediate release of the arrested students today afternoon.
When the students tried to come out from their school campus to stage the rally, a large number of police personnel including women personnel prevented them from moving beyond the main gate.
However, after the students told the police that they would not take out any rally but stage a demonstration at the school gate, they were allowed to raise slogans there.
For a few minutes, the students shouted slogans like ‘release the arrested students’, ‘we condemn arrest of innocent students’, ‘we want ILP’, ‘we demand ILP’, ‘convert the three Bills passed by the State Assembly into Acts’, ‘do not to allow non locals to cast vote and contest election’.
Amidst shouting of slogans, the students then tried to pass through the police barricade in their attempt to take out a protest rally.
However, the police team blocked the girl students and pushed them back near the school gate upon which a heated argument broke out between the police and irate girl students.
The students then pelted stones, solid and liquid waste materials to the police in which one Sub-Inspector was injured after being hit by a stone on the head. Some reporters who were covering the incident were also hit by stones.
However, they did not receive any serious injury.
As the girl students were turning violent, police forcefully pushed them back inside the school campus and closed the main entrance gate from outside.
However, the students not only kept on pelting stones and waste materials towards the police but also pulled the gate hard from inside to break it open.
One girl student even threw out her Phanek (school uniform) from the school campus showing her ire to the police.
The situation calmed down only after police fired a mock bomb and dispersed the students.
After the completion of school hour, the students were allowed to return home.


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