Rs 10 lakhs worth crops destroyed in Khundrakpham


IMPHAL, May 19: The flood due to the recent heavy downpour in the Khamenlok River basin in Khundrakpam Assembly Constituency in Imphal East reportedly damaged standing crops worth around Rs 10 lakhs.

The damaged farms include that of watermelon, pumpkin, maize, bottle gourd, capsicum, tomato and fish farms etc.

The farms were inundated due to the overflowing of the Khamenlok River.

The retired Inspector General of Police, Manipur (IGP) Sorokhaibam Manglemjao who had joined the BJP recently visited the flooded areas under Khundrakpam constituency today. He was accompanied by a group of media persons.

During the visit, Manglemjao interacted with many affected farmers.

Speaking to media persons, he urged the concerned authorities to take up immediate measures to help the affected people.

Manglemjao also assured to provide all necessary helps to the affected farmers.

He said Khamenlok River is one of the most important rivers of the constituency and acts as a lifeline for the people of Uyumpok, Nongsum, Lamboikhul, Keibi etc under Khundrakpham AC. The area has over 1000 hectares of agricultural lands along the river bank, he added.

The river bank are fertile, and helps the farmers who do multiple cropping through-out the year, he added.

He said farmers can generate an annual income of over Rs 3 lakhs by planting Rabi crops; however, the rain and the subsequent flood due to the overflowing Khamenlok River have destroyed the standing crops and fish farms in the area, he added.

He further appealed to the concerned department to construct canals and river embankment to check overflowing of the river in the future.


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