Student Wing set to launch series of protests from May 27


IMPHAL, May 25 : Decrying the alleged indifferent attitude of the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, legislators and Ministers and other political parties for their failure to press the Union Govt to convert the three Bills passed last year into Acts, the Student Wing of JCILPS is set to launch a series of protest from May 27.
Addressing media persons today at their Sega Road office this evening, convener of JCILPS Students’ Wing, Nandababu Oinamcha alleged that the Chief Minister and all the political parties have betrayed the people of Manipur as they failed to press the authorities at New Delhi to convert the three Bills into Acts.
Setting May 27 as the deadline, he said that the all political parties delegation led by Chief Minister should work to convert the Bills into Acts.
Further he added that the harsh nature of the police personnel while controlling protesting students should be stopped by the authorities and they should understand that the three Bills are not only for the common men but for each and everyone living in the State.
“Unfortunately till today none of the 60 MLAs and two MPs have made statements or comments to show their support to the movement spearheaded by JCILPS to save the indigenous people of Manipur,” Nandababu added. Such indifferent attitude of the elected leaders and bureaucrats and high ranking officials must be condemned.
He added that if the sitting MLAs and MPs continue to show their disinterest, the people may launch protest or agitation against them. “The elected leaders should understand the sentiments of the people,” he said.
Further he urged the authorities concerned to unconditionally release three arrested members of the JCILPS Student Wing namely Longjam Brojen of DM College of Arts (arrested today), Bidyalaxmi, former general secretary of Ibotonsana Girls High School and Bruce Pebam, general secretary of CC Higher Secondary School who were arrested yesterday.


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