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We have published articles related to skills needed for interview. We thank our readers for their feedbacks and queries. This edition, we are publishing about telephonic interviews. Telephonic interviews are held to shortlist candidates for final interview. Many aspirants apply for jobs and it is not possible to invite all for the main interview, so, selectors conduct telephonic interview as one of the screening process. Candidates are selected for telephonic interview mostly after submitting their Resumes or Curriculum Vitae (CV). Some time through reference of other people, telephonic interviews are held for short listing.
Preparation for Telephonic Interview
1) Don’t get interrupted: Stand or sit in a place from where you may reply properly. Getting disturbed by family, friends or pets as that will spoil your chances of getting selected. Make sure there are no unnecessary disturbances while you’re being interviewed.
2) Know your CV: You should be thorough with your CV when being interviewed. You should be able to refer to the CV as and when required.
3) Be confident: Just because the interviewer can’t see you it does not mean s/he can’t hear you. Avoid being nervous as that will get reflected in your voice. Be confident and your voice will sound cool and composed.
4) Keep your hands free: It is advisable to keep hands free. Sometime interviewers might ask to solve something and in that case you need to solve.
5) Keep water handy: Telephonic interviews can be long and time consuming. Hence keep some water ready for your dry throat. Water will also help you give a break and relax when you’re feeling tired or nervous.
6) Don’t speak lie at any cost: Interviewers are experienced person and they know who is speaking the false things. Speak confidently and speak the truth.
A telephonic interview can happen in some circumstances:
When you initiate a call to the recruiter and they show interest. The call from there on is an interview.
A company calls you based upon a previous contact.
You have a designated time to talk to a company’s representative.
How to have a successful telephonic interview?
– Prepare well
– Keep your CV/ resume handy.
– Keep your research material ready to act as reference point.
– Stay ready to take notes.
– Keep yourself calm in body and mind.
– Make sure you need no break during the call, not even for getting a glass of water or attending to nature’s call.
– Turn off call waiting on your phone.
– Do not use unprofessional language and sound courteous and polite.
– Thank the interviewer once the interview process is complete.
Telephonic interviews are held for jobs or may be for other activities like selecting for scholarships or some other competitions. Positive attitude and confidence would lead us towards the path of success. We can practice mock interviews with the help of mentors or other peers. More we practice means more chances of getting selected. Civil Service Examination 2016: Preliminary Examination of the Civil Services Examination would be held on 7th August and last date for filling up application is 27th May. Aspirants may apply online from the website of Union Public Service Commission. (Ranjan K Baruah is a career mentor and can be reached at or 98640 55558 for any career related queries)


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