Will oppose move to get Bills enacted : UNC


IMPHAL, May 10: United Naga Council (UNC) today vowed to resist tooth and nail any move by the Manipur Government to convert the three ‘controversial’ Bills into Acts.
The Naga body’s statement came hot on the heels of Manipur Government’s decision to send an all-party delegation to New Delhi on May 16 to impress upon the Central to pass the Bills and enact them.
“Our position is still unchanged. We’ll oppose tooth and nail any policy of the Manipur Government that can turn the Bills into Acts, UNC president Gaidon Kamei told Newmai News Network.
He made it clear that UNC has no any intention to hurt the aspiration of any particular community in Manipur other than its stance to go against the State Government’s plan that could disrupt the sentiments of the tribal people. “It’s very clear that we’ll never compromise our stand,” he reiterated.Gaidon Kamei then expressed his dismay over the campaigns to convert the three Bills even as the nine bodies, killed in police action, are still lying at the morgue in Churachandpur.
Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) recently launched a fresh ILP stir taking an uncompromising stance this time. The committee demanded that all non-locals should be removed from the voter lists besides barring them from contesting any election in the State.
Conversion of the ILP Bills into Acts is one of the key demands of the committee. The Manipur Assembly passed the Bills on August 31 last year under intense public pressure.
“To be honest, any issue relating to the tribal people is always neglected by the Manipur Government headed by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh who is showing undue favour to all valley-based civil societies,” Gaidon claimed.
He said Ibobi convened an all-party meeting under pressure from JCILPS to pressurize the Government of India and fulfil the demand of the committee.
“The move by CM Ibobi clearly proves that the State Government is pursuing a communal agenda. Ibobi always chooses to remain silent when tribal issues come up,” Gaidon accused.
The UNC has already claimed that it has severed all ties with the Manipur Government which it dubbed as ‘communal.’
“We’re now physically and mentally prepared to act against any development that can hurt the sentiments of the tribal communities in Manipur. We’re resolute in our fight to defend our land, history and identity,” the UNC president asserted.
Four NPF (Naga People’s Front) MLAs tendered their resignation in protest against the passing of the ILP Bills in the State Assembly. The tribal people have insisted that the Bills impinge upon their rights.
The Manipur Government has denied the claim. Nine protesters were killed in Churachandpur district during protests that erupted after the Bills were passed. Gaidon declared that all tribal Ministers and MLAs who have flouted the demand of the tribal people concerning the three Bills have been boycotted in Naga areas. Tribal social organizations, including UNC, have urged the elected leaders not to support the Bills.


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