BJP to be responsible Opposition in IMC, says Ksh Bhabhananda


IMPHAL, Jun 8: BJP Manipur Pradesh president Ksh Bhabhananda has said that his party will put in best effort to bring Imphal Municipal Corporation to the right direction by taking the role of a responsible Opposition.
He said that although, Congress won 12 seats in the IMC election, BJP has also achieved a remarkable success as the party has jumped from zero to 10 seats.
Bhabhananda said, “I wish to heartily thank the people of Imphal for trusting the party”.
BJP would act as a responsible Opposition and try to resolve the issues besieging the corporation, Bhabhananda said.
He said that his party would put in effort to pay the employees’ salary on time.
Saying that 48 Congress MLAs worked round the clock to win majority in IMC which has 27 Wards, Bhabhananda said that the mandate given by the masses indicate that people have no faith in Congress now.
People had defied muscle and money power of Congress during the election, he said and added that people are now ready to stand for sincerity and clean administration.
Saying that the election result is a clear testimony of people’s wish to replace Congress by a new party, Bhabhananda expressed hope that people would definitely change its wish into action in the State Assembly election to be held in 2017.


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