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Burning Manipur with irresponsible Politically Illiterate Politicians – Press Release

Press Release
Date 06-June-2016
Burning Manipur with irresponsible Politically Illiterate Politicians

As a part of the Manipur Students Association Delhi (MSAD) continuous efforts to support the peoples’ Movement of Manipur, MSAD organized a Solidarity March to Save indigenous people in Manipur at Manipur Bhawan, New Delhi with the help of the Manipuris staying in Delhi on 5th June 2016 at 6 pm. MSAD finance Secretary MD. Ali and volaxunteer MD Amir were arrested by Delhi police when they were sent in advance to assess the situation but latter released on pressure. MSAD intention was clear to express our support the All Political Parties representatives including CM O Ibobi in their efforts for Inner Line Permit System in Manipur as per the aspirant of the people. Unfortunately they made us wait for more than 5 hrs and refused to meet our representatives. These show that they don’t care about the interest of the Manipur People. Ironically they resolved to stay in Delhi until they meet the PM Modi who is on foreign visits.

MSAD questions the intention of the Manipur politicians – are they in Delhi for vacation when entire Manipur is in chaos, people, students taking the streets? These are the manifestation of the disgruntled Manipuris. It’s high time for us to realize the necessity of a total reformation. We can’t depend on fake politicians. We people need to transform ourselves for a better Manipur. Present Manipur Political arrangement would create more problems among our brothers and sisters because Manipur politicians rule us like as if they are not the legitimate government of Manipur people. This is why they are ignorant to the real issues of the state and love to talk about our unemployment youths when they don’t arrange any concrete measures to solve the problem. They are earning on our problems. It is cleared that they aren’t our representatives and we can’t depend on them.

Since Manipur became a part of India, we have witnessed a series of difference struggle of the people as demanded by the circumstances. Some forms of the peoples’ protest like total bandhs, general strikes, economic blockade affects our society in a larger unprecedented scale. Ironically we cannot avoid all these forms of people protest. If we don’t fight we would lose. We need some structural changes in the people protest strengthening the collective spirit of the people to fight for a dignified survival in the world. Lets’ not attack our own people during the bandhs, general strikes….etc.

MSAD stands for Manipur, both hills and valley can’t afford the pangs of separation. Let us resolve our difference peacefully. Not one would rescue us in times of our suffering. Manipur would be better in a united spirit.

MSAD demand the release of all the arrested protestors, stop police atrocities. Manipur people need to prepare for long term struggles if not generations would survive. Lets’ keep our collective spirit for a better, peace, develop, self reliance Manipur. Lets’ work for the final solution if not Manipuris would perish from the world with no memories to keep.

Issued by
Yaiphaba Khangembam
Public Relation Secretary( In-Charge)



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