Can RSS Repeal AFSPA?


Can RSS Repeal AFSPA?
By :- Safiur Rahaman Maibam ,Student of DM College of Arts, Imphal. Volunter of Personality
Development Club DM college of Arts. And a Young Debater.

The Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 is one of the most draconian Acts legislated by the parliament of India and gifted to the people of NE states of India and J&k. The AFSPA empowers the Armed forces to kill in mere suspicion and anyone can be arrested without issuing a warrant. AFSPA put the people of these regions ( AFSPA imposed region) on a death nail perpetually. Behind the curtain of AFSPA, people have been positioned worse than animals that are better protected.

There have been ongoing protest from the since very existence of this act in NE states of India and Jamu & Kashmir . Series of popular hue and cries have been raised from time to time to repeal thisdraconian law that has been raping the Indian democracy. Irom Chanu Sharmila which is known as the “Iron Lady” has been on hunger strike for the last 15 years against this black law. Apart from international recommendations against the Act, the government instituted Jeevan Reddy Committee (Set up on Nov. 19, 2004) to review AFSPA 1958 by accepting the review of AFSPA 1958 by the prime minister of India Shri. Manmohan Singh as a reason of widespreed protest against the killing of Manorama( killed in a fake encounter by raping and shooting 16 times in her genitals). In Manipur,even naked protest by our 12 braved Mother of Manipur in front of Kangla gate against AFSPA 1958,have also recommended repealing of the Act. But the report of the Committee have not been tabled in the parliament for meaningful discussion and debate. In June, 2007 the second administrative reforms commission appointed by the president of India and headed by Veerappa Moily also recommended that the AFSPA 1958 should be repealed.

Recently, the Rasrtiya Swayansevak Sang (RSS) came up with a statement in support of AFSPA. They argued that AFSPA was essential to wipe out insurgency in Jammu & Kashmir, Nagaland, Manipur and other disturbed areas in the Northeast states of India. It is unfortunate that an organisation like Rasrtiya Swayansevak Sang (RSS) that claimed for patriotism and unity of India have become ultra-intolerant to the extent of supressing political dissent of others by upholding genocidal pogroms on the suspect peoples. The construction of a symmetric relation between RSS directed patriotism and AFSPA is very unfortunate.

From the perspectives of human rights, there is a need to question the agenda of RSS’ patriotism. Is genocide under AFSPA the true meaning of RSS patriotism? Is RSS patriotism a reflection of the agenda of NDA regime? Are the people of Northeast state of India and Jammu & Kashmir less valuable than the sacred cow that the RSS would defend at any cost from being slaughtered for food?

The RSS should know that AFSPA cannot curb insurgency. On the contrary, AFSPA has directly or indirectly encouraged unrestraint growth of insurgent parties. To illustrate briefly, in Manipur,there are only four prominent insurgent parties before AFSPA was imposed in Manipur. In the post AFSPA period we have been witnessing the growth of several insurgent parties. What is the explanation of RSS to this fact? What is the political and racial factors that AFSPA is not imposed in those areas where Maoist armed struggle have been active for several decades? To us, those who support AFSPA are apparently endorsing State terrorism. RSS’s endorsement of AFSPA would suggest terrorist mind-set that would destroy possibilities towards democratic peace.

India claimed for the largest democratic country in the world. However, the Indian democracy is a political rhetoric that is defunct in true and practical sense. AFSPA, since it is undemocratic by nature,should have no place in a functional people’s democracy. AFSPA has suspended democratic rights of the people, particularly by debarring the people from enjoying the Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Under AFPSA, aren’t the people being suppressed under some kind of martial rule dictated by the Military establishment? The people of NE state of India are bound by the constitution of India but the people can’t excercise the fundamental rights given by the constitution of India. Is it a functional democratic rule? AFSPA can’t suppress nationality question. AFSPA perpetuates armed militancy and disaffections in the disturbed areas of NE state of India and Jammu & Kashmir., Government should repeal this draconian Act and come up with more pro-democratic solution and should strengthen India’s fledgling Democracy.


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