Display price lists, stock positions : Govt


IMPHAL, Jun 9: In the wake of the economic blockade which comes into effect from today, the State Government has asked all stockists/dealers/retailers of essential commodities as well as retail outlets of petroleum products to display price lists and stock positions of the commodities they deal in.

The Special Secretary (CAF&PD) has issued a notification to this effect today. It asked all retail outlets to issue normal quantities of petroleum products as usual. It also informed that consumers should not take fuel in containers in bulk. The system will remain in place until further orders.

Informing that there are adequate stocks of essential commodities, it categorically stated that panic buying meant for stocking at home or black marketing should not be resorted to at all. It is reported that the existing stocks of petrol in IOC’s depots would last 13 days. Likewise, the existing stock of diesel, kerosene, LPG and ATF would last 20 days, 27 days, eight days and 23 days respectively. These stocks include standing tanker trucks. The daily average rate of consumption of petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG and ATF are 127 Kls, 241 Kls, 100 Kls, 88 metric tonnes and 20 Kls respectively.

As usual, IOC today issued petrol and diesel to retail outlets for distribution to public. However, movement of tanker trucks and trucks which should ferry petroleum products and FCI goods has stopped since yesterday. Meanwhile, another source informed that CAF&PD Minister Ksh Biren would inspect distribution of petroleum products at retail outlets tomorrow.


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