HSLC is the gateway to outside world: ADC SH chairman Hangshing


KANGPOKPI, May 2: “In education, High School Leaving Certificate Examination is the gateway for students to the outside world and the journey has begun toward their future careers”, said Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman, ADC Sadar Hills.

The ADC Sadar Hills Chairman was speaking at the 18th Maj. Pagin Kipgen Meritorious Award, 2016 ceremony at District Council Hall, Kangpokpi Sadar Hills as Chief Guest while Thangjakam Misao, Vice Chairman, ADC Sadar Hills and Thangminlen Kipgen, ex-MLA and Chairman Maj. Pagin Kipgen Foundation Charitable Trust as Guest of Honour and Functional President respectively.

While lauding the meritorious awardees Chairman Hangshing motivated them to step into the new world with determination and self confidence.

The Vice Chairman of ADC Sadar Hills Thangjakam Misao congratulated the successful candidates and urge them to nurture the perseverance and intellectuality of the late Maj. Pagin while pursuing their career.

“Go and conquer the world. Don’t deceive yourself in your study as I believe that deceiving ourselves is the greatest sin”, Thangminlen Kipgen Ex MLA and Chairman of Maj. Pagin Kipgen Foundation Charitable Trust motivated the awardees.

The ex-MLA further encouraged the successful students not to let their goal out of their hands and struggle at the maximum to achieved it while adding that success is 99 per cent depend on work while 1 per cent of success depend on luck.

The meritorious award has been organized annually by Maj. Pagin Kipgen Foundation, a Charitable Trust as a part of its endeavor to bring quality education and to encourage the young learners of Sadar Hills District since 1999 where a total of 393 students had already been conferred the award including this years’ awardees.

The awardees of the 18th Maj. Pagin Kipgen Meritorious Award, 2016 are Joicy Lamnunhat Kipgen, d/o Thangkhomang Kipgen, Kholjang village from Diamond Eng. High School, Kangpokpi (81.16); Paomounsang Khongsai, s/o Satkholen Khongsai of Kangpokpi from Diamond Eng. High School (78.66); Sanchay Agarwal, s/o Ravi Agarwal, Kalapahar from Emmanuel Eng.School, Haipi (78.16); Chongdeithem Guite, d/o P.Henry Guite, Kangpokpi from Diamond Eng. High School (77.83); Lalgouhao Kipgen, s/o Sehkeng Kipgen, L. Songtun from PMA, Kangpokpi (77.33); Peter Bigouhao, s/o Lianchinkhup, Kangpokpi from Diamond Eng. High School (76.83); Khupgouhao Sitlhou, s/o Mangminthang Sitlhou, Keithelmanbi from Diamond Eng. High School (76.66); Haogunlal Chongloi, s/o Lamminthang Chongloi, Gamnomphai from Diamond Eng. High School (75.66); Mausmi Choudhury, d/o Mukund Choudhury, Kangpokpi from Elite Hr.Sec.School,Kangpokpi (74.83) and Thenlalsang Kipgen, s/o Lhunkhothang Kipgen, Kangpokpi from Elite Hr.Sec.School, kangpopki (74.66).

Radha Khatiwada, d/o Lila Prasad Khatiwada, Charhajare from Sanatan Sanskrit Vidyalaya, Charhajare and Meghana Uprety, d/o Durga Prasad Uprety, Charhajare from Bishnulal H/S, Charhajare were awarded the state level subject topper for securing 95 pc and 87 pc in Nepali and Hindi subject respectively.

Rev. J. Lunkim, Chairman, Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship invoked blessing prayer for the successful centre toppers in Sadar Hills.

Meanwhile, ADC Sadar Hills Chairman, Haokholal Hangshing assured the organizing committee that he will bear all expenditure for the next award ceremony.

According to the organizing committee, only five toppers including four state board toppers and one CBSE toppers in Sadar Hills will be confer the award while around 10-15 bright and brilliant student with financial poor background family will be sponsor by the trust from Class VI to Class X.

Awardees and Parents also expressed their gratitude to the Maj. Pagin Kipgen Foundation, a Charitable Trust for their unceasing motivation and support of the student community.


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