International Day Against Drug Abuse Saying no to intoxicants


It affects not only the individual user but also the family and society at large. And yes Manipur knows this well. Can’t really say when drugs or more specifically heroin came here but one just has to recollect the 80s when this particular brand of drug was widely used by the youngsters. There still must be quite a number of youngsters using this drug though admittedly its usage has seen a gradual decline down the years. Numerous youngsters have passed away due to over dose and later AIDS came taking a heavy toll on the people. Geographically Manipur is located near the infamous Golden Triangle and is used as the transit point by many drug smugglers. Manipur may not be the final destination, but surely some residues are bound to be left here and this has obviously taken a heavy toll on the people with many youngsters falling prey. Drug abuse and trafficking is a world wide phenomenon and it is in taking cognizance of this menace that the general assembly of the United Nations declared June 26 as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in 1987. The theme this year is ‘Listen first-Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe’ and herein lies the great responsibilities of the parents and elders of every family.
Manipur has also seen a number of drug related crimes wherein drug dependent persons are known to have killed minors to get hold of their gold earrings. It is this which is frightening. Situation came to such a state, that a number of armed groups started cracking down on drug abusers and the sellers. Not only the armed groups but associations have been formed to check the use of drugs and alcoholism and prominent among such organisations are AMADA and CADA. There was also a time when the pages of the local newspapers were dotted by many pledging that they will no longer consume drugs or alcohol. Just how widespread the use of drugs is can be seen from the numerous de-addiction centres which have sprung up all over the place. More than right that the behaviour of youngsters needs to be closely monitored and this is where the responsibilities of the elders of society become all that more important. Right that everyone chip in to make the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking more meaningful and the first step should be to educate the youngsters to say no to intoxicants.


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