Khangkhui Cave seeks Govt’s care


IMPHAL, June 11: There is a rest house built near the prehistoric Khangkhui Cave in Khangkhui Khullen of Ukhrul district of Manipur but it has been left in a pitiable condition due to lack of care despite the importance of this cave which is one of the tourists attractions of the district.
“This cave is now easily accessible by vehicles. There is a new road running above the cave, besides a couple of footpaths leading to it. Considering the increasing number of tourist arrivals, the Government needs to repair the lone rest house,” Ramyang, a villager told Newmai News Network today.
The ancient limestone cave is locally known as Khang-khui Mangsor. Khangkhui, a Tangkhul Naga village, is located about 16 Kms from Ukhrul district headquarters. It has been revealed through evidence that there was habitation of Stone Age people there.
“The lone three-room rest house used by visitors has been left uncared. Due to long use, it needs repairing now,” Ramyang urged the Government. The Khangkhui villager said the village authority looks after the cave.
He said the rest house does not have a chowkidar to take care of it and so the Government should arrange one. The Government also needs to enclose the surrounding area of the cave with a proper fencing.
“We’ve electricity here at Khangkhui Khullen but the cave area does not have such facilities. We also want the area to be electrified.” Khang-khui Khullen is located about 3 km from the cave.
On the eastern side of the cave, “Sirata” which is one of the holes leading into it is found. The literal meaning of Sirata is star. According to legends, this hole was made out of a star which struck down on it. Ramgyang said a ladder or a strong rope is required while entering Sirata. “But we don’t have it.”
A large bat colony is found inside the cave. Sometimes, these bats are eaten by villagers. They believe that illnesses can be cured by eating bat meat.
Ramyang said this belief drives the consumption of bat meat in Khangkhui.


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