Protesters, police confront over ILPS demand


Protestors-of-Keisampat-Leimajam-Leikai-womenfolks-storm-toward-CM-bungalow-117-735x400IMPHAL, Jun 15 : Civil Society Organisations and different students’ bodies today staged a joint sit-in at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai community hall demanding implementation of ILPS and decrying the wanted tag on Khomdram Ratan, former JCILPS convenor.
Police fired tear gas as the protesters tried to storm the Chief Minister’s office after the demonstration. A scuffle erupted between the police and the protesters in the process.
The protesting women lay down on the streets of Keishampat shouting slogans like ‘Implement ILPS in the State’, ‘Go back foreigners’, ‘Long live Manipur’ ‘and ‘We condemn wanted tag on Kh Ratan’, etc., as police attempted to stop them from marching towards the CM’s office.
Large numbers of police forces formed a human barricade with their shields held up at Keishampat traffic point to keep the protesters from marching forward.
This was followed by a direct confrontation between the police personnel and the protesters. The police later used tear gas shells to disperse the protesters.
JCILPS Women Wing’s former convenor Lourembam Nganbi said the three Bills for the protection of indigenous people were passed after months of mass movement.
The claim that the Hill Areas Committee were left out when the three Bills were passed is not true. The three Bills were passed at the State Assembly after months of discussion including the Hill Areas Committee Chairman, Nganbi said.
MLAs and Ministers have urged those opposing the Bills to point out if there is a single clause or provision that is “anti-tribal”. The unrest and differences between the communities of the State regar- ding the Bills are clearly a plot of the India Government to divide the people, she stated.
JCILPS former convenor Khomdram Ratan was overnight declared wanted based on a fake image posted on the social media platform Facebook. The committee met IG Romenkumar on the matter who said an individual should be summoned to Court twice and legal notice should be sent if he/she fails to appear before the Court before declaring the person ‘wanted’. In the case of Ratan, no summons nor legal notices were sent before the declaration.
MLAs and Ministers who cannot protect the indigenous people of the land should tender resignation before the upcoming Assembly Elections. It was the obligation of the MLAs and Ministers to make sure the three Bills are converted into Acts. They dilly-dallied for months which led to the rejection of the Bills, she added.
She advised the 60 MLAs to back off from the 2017 Assembly elections.
“The movement will continue until the order which declared Kh Ratan as wanted is revoked,” Nganbi added.
In the meantime, representatives of several women organisations met Chief Minister Okram Ibobi at the latter’s bungalow today urging him to remove the wanted tag on Khomdram Ratan.
The Chief Minister said the Centre is pursuing the matter and that the State Government is helpless on the case, All Manipur Social and Reformation Samaj secretary Kh Ramani who was one of the representatives that met the CM today informed media after the meeting.
Ramani said the Chief Minister is trying to sabotage the ILPS movement.
Mention may be made, Ratan Khomdram has been accused of breaching the law and order of the State, disturbing public tranquillity and harmony with colossal damage to public properties. Sit-in-protests demanding implementation of ILPS were also held at Keishampat Thokchom Leikai, Wahengbam Leikai, Kangabam Leikai, Nagamapal Singjubung Leirak, Nagamapal Chungkham Leirak, Kangjabi Leirak, Lamabam Leikai, Khuyathong road, Thangmeiband DM College road opposite ABC godown.
The protesters also formed human chains along Wanghengbam Leikai, Nagamapal and Thangmeiband roads shouting slogans demanding conversion of the three Bills into Acts.


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