TAKDO joins pro-ILPS stir Roll back wanted tag demand raised


E-Front-__-Wakat-Meefam-by-TAKDO-at-Thangmeiband-735x400IMPHAL, Jun 26: Demanding implementation of ILPS in Manipur and immediate revocation of the Government order which declared former JCILPS convenor Kh Ratan as a wanted man, a group of people staged a protest demonstration and shouted many slogans at Thangmeiband Khoyathong traffic point.
The protest demonstration staged under the aegis of the Thangmeiband Kendra Development Organisation (TAKDO) was led by Thangmeiband AC MLA Kh Joykisan.
The protesters put up placards which read as “Government of Manipur should not blemish democracy”, “Enforce ILPS in Manipur”, “We condemn declaration of former JCILPS convenor Kh Ratan as wanted man” etc.
Speaking to media persons by the sideline of the protest demonstration, Kh Joykisan stated that it would be prudent on the part of the State Government to review its decision of declaring Kh Ratan as a wanted man in view of the mass protest against the same decision.
If the State Government still thinks it did right by declaring Ratan as a wanted man, it should come out with a convincing clarification. However, the State Government is still unable to come out with any clarification which implies that the Government was not right, Joykisan remarked.
None of the charges levelled against Kh Ratan says that he was involved in unconstitutional activities, extortions, kidnappings or other criminal activities, the BJP MLA continued.
By charging Kh Ratan of creating unrest among different communities, it has become clearer that Ratan was declared as a wanted man for his activities against incessant influx into the State.
It is time for the people to wage a strong civil movement against violating the very essence of democracy and challenges against democracy.
Warning that different modes of protest agitation would be launched against declaration of Kh Ratan as a wanted man, Joykisan remarked that Ratan was victimised by the Government’s arm-twisting tactics.
He also called upon all the people to launch different modes of protest agitation collectively until the Government order which declared Kh Ratan as a wanted man is revoked.


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