Why stand of Centre was concealed, asks Students’ Wing


IMPHAL, Jun 10 : The Students’ Wing of JCILPS has stated that it is very unfortunate that the State Govt concealed the information that the President of India had withheld the assent to the three Bills passed by the State Assembly till the IMC election was over. The report of the President withholding his assent was received by the State Government on May 11.

In a statement, the Students’ Wing said that the mission of all political party delegation to Delhi would have been more meaningful if the decision of the President vis-a-vis the Bills was made known to the people prior to the Delhi mission of the all political party delegates. It is also pertinent to ask whether the State unit BJP had prior knowledge about the decision of the President before the delegation went to Delhi or not . It would be a matter of shame for the State BJP if the Central leaders are not giving prior information to them in this regard, it said.

The Students’ Wing cannot stop suspecting a political game by political parties on the ILPS issue. For instance, the BJP Govt at the Centre refuses to give assent to the Bills passed by the State Govt which is formed by the Congress. This is because the BJP is apprehensive that the Congress would take advantage in case it gives assent to the Bills and their (BJP) aspiration of coming to power in here would not be realised. What has aggrieved the Students’ Wing the most is that all the MLAs and Ministers of the State cannot reflect their sense of indigeneity. Till today, they have failed to raise enough voice for implementation of ILP in the State.

The antagonist of the Bills, who have dubbed the Bills as ‘anti-tribals,’ should not forget that they are also indigenous people of the State. The social discrimination and segregation which was widely prevalent after the coming of Hinduism in Manipur is no more in vogue. Not a shadow of such social division is seen or perceived in the present  generation, it said. It urged the anti-Bill protesters to stop divisive agenda by invoking issues that are no more relevant to the present scenario. Internal problems of the people should be solved by them alone and no outside interference can solve the problem of blood brothers. As such, bringing a solution by sitting across the table would be a more appreciable step.

All communities living in the NE are identified as one in mainland India, it said while urging all concerned not to expose differences before other people. People of the State are aware about the agenda in dubbing the Bills as ‘anti-tribals’ and the subsequent protests. It is now time for the people to collectively sort out any differences or mistakes committed in the past by identifying them. Many unwarranted incidents are in the offing if the people fail to comprehend the present situation.


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