Bajaj R&D team checks noise level of its autos


IMPHAL, July 8: A five-member team of the Research and Development Wing of Bajaj Auto Ltd, Pune is in the state following a proposal from the state Transport commissioner to check the noise level produced by auto rickshaws of the company plying in the state.

‘This is the first instance that we have receive a noise complaint for any of our products,’ said R&D manager Mr Kulkarni.

The team today randomly picked some auto rickshaws and conducted a noise level check inside Khuman Lampak.

According to the team, if the vehicle emits above 80 decibel of noise than it is considered as noise pollution.

The team also said the company produces 40,000 units of auto rickshaw every month of which 20,000 are exported to 37 different countries.

The officials also claimed that from 2017 the factory will start manufacturing auto rickshaw with BS IV tag with more refined engine system.

District Transport Officer for both Imphal East and Imphal West H Rosita Devi while interacting with this IFP reporter said that there are altogether 10,000 auto rickshaws registered with the Transport office but there are also uncountable numbers of auto rickshaws that are not registered.

She maintained that the prevailing problem of traffic congestions and noise pollution from auto rickshaws will subside in due course of time.

She also said there are plans to slowly phase out these three wheelers and to replace their service with feeder service.

The change will be visible within two years time and inter-district routes will be connected by commercial buses, she added.

Meanwhile, the director Transport has confirmed that new permits for three wheelers are barred to control traffic congestion in the city area.

Deputy SP Traffic Imphal West H Sangamita who was also present at Khuman Lampak shared that there is need for proper town planning and said that with the coming up of smart city she is hopeful to see more organized traffic system. She said that full-fledged installation of traffic light system and CCTVs will be very beneficial to the commuters and to the traffic officials.


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