Find out why Some Major Companies are planning to set up shops in Mizoram.


Aizawl,July 19 (NNN): Different big companies are to set up their centres in Mizoram for trade relation between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh and some South East Asia countries using manufactured goods from Mizoram with the initiative of ILO under Joint UN Initiatives.

An important meeting in this regard was today held at NLUP conference hall here.

The meeting, chaired by Home Minister R.Lalzirliana, was attended by Finance & Planning Minister Lalsawta, Industries Minister H. Rohluna, Horticulture Minister Lalthanliana, NIB Chairman J.H. Rothuama, NIB Vice Chairman P.L. Thanga and government department heads besides the representatives of Kolkota-based different Companies and the representatives of UN Agencies.

Home Minister Lalzirliana said in the meeting that viewed from different ways Mizoram is a good place for big companies to carry out business ventures. Mizoram is peaceful, connected by broad gauge railway lines, power insufficiency soon to be overcome by the ongoing hydro projects, he said.

Commending the talks with different big companies for manufacturing and business venture within Mizoram, the Home Minister expressed hope that the same would bring about progress for Mizoram.

Finance & Planning Minister Lalsawta also said in the meeting that Mizoram has large areas of unused land, and also good forest cover and rich natural resources.

Meanwhile, in order to bring about an abrupt change in the financial condition of Mizoram, the way goods are manufactured and business carried out in the State needs to be changed, he added.

Finance Minister Lalsawta invited leaders of the companies who attended the meeting in the day to hold detailed discussion with him at his office in the evening of the same day. Partha S. Banerjee, Director, Deft Advisory and Research (ILO) said in the meeting that the potential of Mizoram to uplift its financial condition, having mentioned often than not, now needs to be materialized. This is time to practically show that it can give out quality products and services, he added.

Subrata Dutta, Senior Adviser, Deft & Research (ILO) also said that Mizoram with its peace and good communication is an ideal springboard for trade relation between India and its neighbouring countries.

He made mention of the goods that can be manufactured or exported to Myanmar and Bangladesh from Mizoram as has been found from the long study that was conducted. The discussion during the meeting of the day included how the companies function, important items to be manufactures and exported to neighbouring countries, how Mizoram would earn financial profit, Mizoram industrial policy and related matters, and the problem of Mizoram in power and others.

The company leaders will tomorrow visit important industrial sites in the state, and on Wednesday night hold a round-up meeting with Chief Secretary.


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