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Irate locals close RIMS casualty

E-Front-__-RIMS-casualty-copyIMPHAL, Jul 29: Peeved over the death of a 43-year-old woman, irate locals of Langthabal Thong Ahanbi today closed RIMS Casualty. Laishram (O) Rashi of the locality died at the Casualty after she was rushed there with the complaint of vomiting. Rashi’s son Rainbow said that his mother was brought to the hospital at around 3 pm yesterday. After reaching the Casualty, his mother started complaining of chest pain and breathlessness, Rainbow said.

On informing about Rashi’s  condition, the doctors on duty advised them to hold her head upward using a higher pillow. Later in the evening, doctors administered drips and some other medicines to Rashi after she began to vomit froths, he said. Rainbow lamented that his mother passed away late in the night although her BP was normal before administering the medicines in the evening.

Expressing suspicion that his mother might have died due to the medicines administered to her, Rainbow demanded a thorough enquiry to probe his mother’s death. Demanding the RIMS authority to seriously look into the matter, Rainbow said that they would not claim the body until the truth is ascertained.

He said that his mother was an Asha worker and the sole earner of their family. Locals closed the RIMS Casualty and tried to storm the office of the Medical Superintendent. However, a team of Lamphel police station and RIMS security prevented the locals from storming the MS office.



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