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MoEF to explore NE biodiversity

New Delhi, Jul 9 :The environment ministry is all set to launch a drive to discover the flora and fauna of some areas in the Northeast part of the country, which so far remain unexplored.
A detailed survey of the region, therefore, has been proposed by the ministry over the next few months, that would be conducted by a joint team from the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) and Zoological Survey of India (ZSI).
The government’s move was necessitated by a glaring gap in the existing and recorded species in some parts of the Northeast, which the ministry now plans to cover by launching a comprehensive drive, that would involve experts.
“The Northeast region has rich biodiversity. But what is more important is much of it (species of plants and animals) remains undiscovered due to terrain which is difficult to tread,” said a senior environment ministry official, adding, “This drive would enable us to discover what is ours and then protect and conserve it.”
An all-encompassing plan has already been prepared to initiate the surveys in identified areas.
India, being home to 7-8 per cent of all recorded species globally, has substantial biodiversity. Out of 34, four globally recognised biodiversity hotspots fall in the country as well, that includes parts of the North east along the Indo-Burma border.
The Union ministry, in an attempt to safeguard its flora and fauna, has already started mapping such rich areas. During the process, about 732 areas have been put under the “protected” category. “This exercise would not only help us in discovering new species, but will also assist in creation of a data base that would ensure their conservation in times of climate change,” the senior environment ministry official added.
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