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Paddy fields flooded, Khuga canal breaches again

E-Front-__-Flood-copy-735x312IMPHAL, Jul 3: As inter-mittent rains continue to lash the State, water levels of all major rivers flowing through the Manipur valley have been rising steadily.
Whereas vast areas of paddy fields have been flooded at Irengbam, Bishnupur district, a portion of Khuga canal breached at Churachandpur.
Around 400/500 paris of paddy fields have been inundated at Irengbam as a portion of a bank of Khumankhong canal has breached.
Barely two days after torrential rain left a trail of devastation in Churachandpur, a portion of  Khuga Canal which provides water to PHED’s water supply lines and paddy fields breached last night.
The left side canal that breached last night is located a few hundred meters away from the earthen dam and provides water to several hectares of paddy fields. It is also the water source of the PHE Department’s water pump that feeds their filtration units and eventually supplies potable water to the town.
Water supply to the town is likely to be affected until an alternative arrangement is made or the collapsed portion is restored.
Meanwhile, several areas along the Lanva and the Sielmat streams are said to be still reeling under deluge as rain continues to lash the area.
Sources said residents of at least three localities including Zoumunnuam village have been forced to seek a safer place in the midnight as the river bank breached.
Several houses located along the Lanva river whose occupants have been evacuated are still waiting to return to their respective homes as the water level has not receded.
Apart from the inundated paddy fields, MLA I Ibohalbi and high ranking officials of IFCD today inspected vulnerable portions of the banks of Khumankhong canal.
Speaking to media persons during the inspection tour, Dr Ibohalbi appealed to the IFCD officials to take up all possible flood control measures so that the department lives up to its name.
He then asked the IFCD officials to repair the breached portion of Khumankhong canal temporarily so that paddy cultivation at Irengbam Ma-mang Thoibimacha Loukon is not affected.
The MLA and the IFCD officials also inspected the minor dam built at the confluence of Khujairok river and Khumankhong canal.
It was found that the dam was in shaky condition which may collapse or breach any time. In case the dam collapses, vast areas of paddy fields would be flooded.
They also inspected roads running on either sides of Keinou river. Although the roads were constructed with MLA Local Area Development Fund some years back, they are so dilapidated on account of erosion along the river banks and they can get disconnected any time.
Similar is the condition of the roads that run on either sides of Khujairok river.
He further appealed to the IFCD Department to construct dams only at the most suitable sites, not at sites recommended by Ministers or MLAs.
Asking the department to take up all possible flood control measures so that the department lives up to its name, Dr Ibohalbi said that he would raise a proposal in the next session of the State Assembly to abolish the department.
He also underscored the need to earmark certain amounts in the State budget for taking up flood control measures effectively.
Ibohalbi then appealed to the Chief Minister to pay some attention to small rivers  too rather than focusing all the attention only on big rivers.
According to information received from Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD), Nambul river waters are seeping through its bank at Wangoi near Sampat and while the river is now overflowing at different places.
It is said that Nambul River is now flowing above warning level while Imphal River has approached flood level at 786.862 metre.
At 784 metre, Iril River is also close to warning level.
Volume of rainfall recorded at different places of the State today are Kangpokpi  38 mm, Saikul 19 mm, Litan 28 mm, Lamphel 12 mm and Raj Bhavan 10 mm.
Incessant rainfall since Saturday has flooded many places in Moirang AC too.
Overflowing waters from Moirang river have flooded many adjoining houses in Moirang Lurenbal Leikai, Sribon Leikai, Moirang Mayai Leikai, Chingei Leikai and Moirang Koklibon Leikai. Moirang Kumbi road has also flooded therefore residents of Koklibon Leikai have been facing difficulties in commuting. Fish farms located near Moirang Kumbi road and Chingei Leikai have been severely affected.
In the meantime, Communist Party of India, Moirang has urged the State Government to provide immediate assistance to the affected families.



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