Do you think that Nagaland is a failed State?


poll-3Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes, definitely! Nagaland is a failed state. It is because our elected representatives are NOT statesmen but politicians who are only concerned about the next general elections and NOT concerned about the next generation. Politicians who have no vision do nothing for the people at present. If at all they do something today for their tomorrow, they do only for themselves.

• Yes. Who can say about the good of the Nagaland? Apart from clean environment(Air &Water) what else?
• Yes. First, it’s just a puppet govt. for IM. Second, its participation in corrupting  every dept. and civil society has paralyzed  its legitimacy to take a moral stand.

• Yes, Nagaland seems like a failed state. Except for individual and public initiatives, no public leaders seem to be serving the public. There is no vision or integrity found in our state’s leadership. Greed and personal interests abound.

• Yes, it doesn’t seem like a progressive state.

• Yes. What is wrong with our state?

a. The legislators and bureaucracy blames me, the common citizen.

b. We blame them.

c. The Indian government have made a puppet out of our administrative and executive agencies, but they are oblivious to that cos of the dough.

d. Our so called freedom fighters only want the dough and nothing else.

e. And in the midst, the contractors and suppliers run havoc for the dough.

f. And we express our hue and cry except during election/dough season.

I cannot help but say it is a failed state indeed. Only if Hon’ble A.Z Phizo was here in spirit to wreak havoc on our miserable state and whip the cream out of everybody. God bless Nagaland. Give me more space for words, it’s not enough to share!

• Yes. Our State is a failed state indeed because our leaders lack moral values compounded by insurgency problems. Our economy is zero. We are more than 50 years behind our neighboring states which is a shame.

• When we see the scenario of our present atmosphere who will boldly say that no Nagaland s not a failed state… every structure of our land is a failure starting from Spiritual to Political and social life. we made a high n adorabke promises becire God and before men but never achieved. We attempted to send forth 10k missionaries

• Nothing progress in Nagaland, only VIP pocket and their property gets progress in blink of eyes.

• Yes, because younger generation has become hypocrite keyboard warrior so distance away from reality and they are so consumed by branded outfits they have lost their grounding. They become nothing but western and indian fashion and media worshipper. The older generation has become so corrupted and shameless they will even shame Adam and Eve serpent, they are so drunk with money, just for it they can sacrifice their families…..

• We have send our representatives who cannot represent us

• Yes Nagaland is a failed state. Naga Youths does not have the market to do business in our own economy even when one has finance to do business but the rest does not even have market ,Finance and business skills also. Educated Youths awaiting for govt jobs has to resort to Backdoor appointments with Job Advertisement few once in a blue moon by certain Departments only , while some doesn’t even have the money to buy jobs nor has the quality and criteria to sit for exams also hence resulting in excess Govt job holders as well as abundant Unemployed Educated Youths in Nagaland. Roads are remarkably pathethic which shows how well connected we are. Govt employees are starving with many departments not been salary for months. We have NLTP but in the name of NLTP we can see so many shops selling mineral water alone which disguise as Wine store .

• YES…it is a failed State…there are lot of areas and loopholes to justify that three letter word…be it in economic, social and political fields and i think it will take more than another 3 decades to see some changes in our State unless we do away with corruption, nepotism n so on but to do away with it should start from the grassroot level….the public also need to introspect and retrospect themselves if we really want to see some changes in our State….

• Yes, spineless and corrupt government backed by an inefficient bureaucracy leading to stagnancy in developmental activities in the state and also supported knowingly or unknowingly by the complacent public who are also to blame for much of the mess we are in today.

• Yes where else would you have an assembly session of fifteen minutes when the state machinery has ground to a standstill

• Yes its a failed state. There’s no question about it even T.R. is a failed subject (zero mark to be precise) .. lol Jokes apart our state machinery has failed to live up to their expectations. The height of corruption is so high in Nagaland that an entire battalion were appointed to keep the matter silent, that’s what i heard ..

• Yes because political problem, unemployed youth, insufficient professional institutions, backdoor appointment, poor farmer rich politician etc etc

• Yes of course why not, cause ‘failed state’ is the closest of the description that can describe the condition of our state at this current scenario. If anyone is denying this you are either a complete nut crack or living in a fantasy world. How much more failure can we get than this when everything in the state is falling apart!. None of our leaders or top of the ruling bureaucracy has control over the state economy (well we don’t have no economy anyways), no one has control over law and order situations as you can only see everyday when a slightest of an incident happens, the entire government law and order machinery gets helplessly cracks up and scrambles to ” i have absolutely no idea what i need to do” mode. Atrocious corruption and lies is what we drink and live everyday, then there is this so called national hoodlums brandishing the entire citizens with weapons into fear, letting nothing to flourish. The ruling elites are robbing every penny for their generations to come and the church…….well let me tell you, most religious will never make our state better until we make up our minds and sweat to make a difference. I fear the direction in which our state is going will only end in a bloody consequence, but perhaps that’s the only way to cleanse our nature, hopefully i will have long gone when this happens.

• Yes. No changes and no development …. nagaland government do need hear the plight of its people!

• Nagaland is a failed state because on one side we have a government without opposition ( in a failed state, such an arrangement goes by the nomenclature UNITY GOVERNMENT), while on the other hand we have multiple governments. There is corruption in every aspect of day to day life of a commoner. The legitimate Government is actually not the one calling the shots… so I must say, Nagaland is a failed state under the facade of a growing state.

• Nagaland is a failure because there are no avenues for progress, it is a failed state because from church leaders to Politicians and common people alike all are corrupted from the core… Now the question is how can we make it a better place for our Children? Who will bring the change?

• Yes. Government mismanagement and corruption, deficiency of basic infrastructures (specially roads), Absence of law and order and declining public moral standards (fuel adulteration, unethical butchers, politicians lying about their edu – etc.,), rising unemployment, unproductive local economy, poor relation with neighbouring states, lack of inspiring leadership and visionless society, tribalistic mentality with increasing inter-tribal animosity, stupid citizens and a general public apathy to all social ills. All these symptoms certainly points to a very sick state ….. and maybe a failed state.

• Let’s focus on one most important issue i,e good quality Roads: Now, if the politicians and concerned Deptt. blame Geological and weather condition then, I see many pot holes on concrete surface (Bridges). What can we expect … Totally a failed state. I hope that will justify my point.

• Yes, Nagaland is a failed state in all aspects. There is no sign of any development, progress and the public is struggling for survival. Whatever sanctions received for the public are being loaded by the public makers and the politicians. Educated unemployed youths are increasing alarmingly because nothing is done for employment avenues. What a corrupted state?

• Yes. Too many governments. Non effective opposition. Nagaland for Christ – loud noise, no deeds. Money mongering citizens, selfish and proud. No production, not self-sufficient. Crawlers and beggars, the proud Nagas, for money from the GoI. A curse from God.

• Yes. Heart says a conflicting NO, but eyes say a resolute YES. Talk about the organs of the state. The biggest failures are the legislative, executive and bureaucracy. They no longer possess any shame, remorse or guilt to degrade and exploit our state and its people; mere puppets with no principle and consciousness. This pathetic state of affair has effectively trickled down on its citizens who have supplemented in the decay of our state. The need is for a fresh new leader, a real “leader” unlike the morons we’ve had since 75’, who can lead this state in the right direction with a sincere and undiluted vision and one who upholds the truth. The effect of such a revelation will slowly trickle down from the top to the bottom with time. Until that, a glimmer of hope in the form of a few upcoming bureaucrats, NGOs, entrepreneurs, professionals who share the vision of a better Nagaland is all that seems to persist.

• Yes. The present nagaland state is indian create state with intention of divide and rule by the first PM Nehru and the first HM Sadar Patel through force and suppression. The hidden, silent and peaceful existing naga nation is being divide trying to turn into a cluster of mere tribes under Indian union. The present nagaland state is not the nagaland state in real term and concept of a state. It is an Indian create unit of Administration of Indian Union for a few group of the nagas. This so called nagaland state failed to move for the unification of the nagas though for several times the cabinets of the state passed for that, with the passages of time the present state system makes more and more distant away from the rests of the nagas hooked by Nehruvian policy of suppression of the nagas. So it is failed but a success to India till date.

• Yes. The so called nagaland state under Indian union was came into formed after ferocious threat, rampant killing, tortures and suppression,  and weaken socio economic of the nagas by Indian forces. The nagas were force to surrender in regardless of their rightful consent and opinion to join in the Indian union. Few leaders of the nagas succumbed to that. In fact, there is no nagas’ consent and opinion in the Indian Parliament by force the nagas persons have been present there in real sense through Indian create states. the present nagaland is working under the hypnotized of the Indian leaders damping thier own consent and opinion of the nationality. Therefore, as the Indian corrupts, the present nagaland state will be corrupted, as the Indian works to divide the nagas, the nagaland will work the same, dancing after the steps of the Indian Union as long as the Indian hypnotism works on upon the the nagas leaders. There will be failed until and unless turn to the right course of the Nagas Nation. Not only state functionaries but all the Nagas will be failed till you don’t live as a Nation of God creation.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• No. Nagaland is not a failed state, Nagas are.

• No. Many including the legislators think this is a transitional period with a ray of hope for a better future for all including urban and rural citizens, far and near. It’s like a woman in birth pangs. Great care must be taken lest negligence and indifference cause the death of both the child and the 54 year old mother (Nagaland). The mother has suffered enough!

• NO, we did not failed. We made mistakes. The question is, when are we going to learn.
• Reasonable answer for my side. No..might not be 100% yet Nagaland is almost progressing
• The democratic pillars of polity and governance is a total failure but not a failed state. A lot can be achieved! Structural reforms and policy guidelines is a failure because the size of government is just expanding instead it has to be right size.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• Our elders tell that before the arrival of Christianity people were more honest, trusted, hard working and mutual respect for each other. By and large people don’t know how to lie…maybe present day generation should inculcate the good practices of the past to bring changes to present situation.

• Failed state is one (contextually) but primarily, Is Nagaland even a ‘state’?…considering our ‘political’ history.
• Which state is worse than Nagaland? Nagaland is a failed state because there is nothing in which Nagaland is excelling.

• The term may not be applicable in its strictest definition but certainly Nagaland seems no better than the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

• Words cannot express how the Nagaland government is running the State! Wish that the State is under President Rule for few months, so that all the corruption will be investigated by CBI.

Source: Morung Express


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