2nd Handloom Day observed, Panthoibi Arcade inaugurated


E-Front-__-Handloom-dayIMPHAL, Aug 7: Like in the rest of the country, the 2nd National Handloom Day was observed today at the Manipur Film Development Society (MFDS) Auditorium, Palace Gate, Imphal. The function to mark the day was organized by the Department of Commerce and Industries, Govt of Manipur and the Office of Development Commissioner (Handlooms), Weavers’ Service Centre (WSC), Imphal, Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India.
Earlier Panthoibi Arcade, a marketing complex for handloom and handicraft products located at Wangkhei was also inaugurated today by the Commerce and Industries Minister Govindas Konthoujam.
Chief Minister O Ibobi graced the 2nd Handloom Day celebration as the chief guest while Commerce and Industries minister Govindas Konthoujam was the functional president. MLA, Yaiskul Assembly Constituency E Chand, Principal Secretary (Commerce and Industries/ Seri/ Vety) Lungmuana Lakher, Director of Commerce and Industries, B John Tlanginkhuma and officer in charge WSC C Rajasekaran attended as guests of honour.
As part of the celebration, monetary assistance was given to seven National awardees and 15 handloom entrepreneurs as a sign of encouragement to continue working in the field of handloom and handicrafts.
Addressing the function, O Ibobi said even though there is a high demand of handloom and handicraft products from different parts of the country, artisans and weavers have not been able to meet the demand.
There could be many reasons for this, he said and added that lack of enthusiasm and professionalism among artisans and weavers is one of them.
He further said that more emphasis should be given on how to increase production of those select products which have high demands. There is lack of modern equipment and so the State’s artisans and weavers cannot compete with their counterparts from other States, said the Chief Minister. To meet the shortfall, the Department of Commerce and Industries has been working very hard to provide all necessary support to entrepreneurs and artisans.
The Chief Minister added that without sincere participation from the public, the Department and the Govt cannot work alone to bring development in handloom and handicrafts.
As handloom and handicraft is the second largest employment provider after agriculture, the public should acknowledge this and give it due importance, he added.
Commerce and Industries Minister Govindas Konthoujam stressed on the developmental works taken up by the State Govt particularly in promoting the Department of Commerce and Industries.
Right now there are 61 clusters across the State which is functioning well. Fifty one clusters are from the North East Textile Promotion Scheme and 10 clusters are from Block level, said Govindas.
The Department of Commerce and Industries has been working tirelessly to provide all the necessary support to artisans and weavers so as to reach out to the unemployed youth. Annually the department receives about Rs 50 crore from the Govt of India, he said.
The money invested should have certain returns and it should be on creating employment opportunities and promoting the economy of the State.
The State Govt has introduced e-monitoring and evaluation system across the 61 clusters. He further appealed to all the artisans and weavers including the entrepreneurs to be responsible and more professional in their work so as to bring economic development through handloom and handicraft.
The State Govt is planning to introduce ‘textile and procurement policy’ for the benefit of the people. Further the State Govt is working to come up with certain sets of rules to provide school uniform made entirely from handloom and handicraft.
The Apparel and Garment making center set up at Lamboikhongnangkong will be inaugurated within August as 98 percent of the construction works is complete, he added.
The centre will provide employment opportunities and act as a training center for upcoming entrepreneurs.
The 2nd National Handloom Day was also observed at 61 different parts of the State.
The celebration was observed at Keirao-Bitra Block Level Handloom Cluster and Bishnupur Block Level Handloom Cluster, informed a source.
Bishnupur district Handloom and Textiles office also celebrated the day.
Panthoibi Arcade inaugurate : As part of the 2nd National Handloom Day, Panthoibi Arcade, a market complex for handloom and handicraft products located at Wangkhei was inaugurated by the Commerce and Industries Minister Govindas Konthoujam.
The inauguration function was attended by MLA, Yaiskul A/C E Chand, Principal Secretary (Commerce and Industries/ Seri/ Vety) Lungmuana Lakher, Director of Commerce and Industries, B John Tlanginkhuma, Consultant, Govt of Manipur Dr RK Nimai and Dy Director Commerce and Industries Lamlee Kamei.
Designers’ Exhibition along with Silk and Cotton Weaving Training housed in the arcade were inaugurated by the dignitaries. As part of the inauguration, yarns were distributed to 87 male weavers on credit basis. Demand drafts were also distributed to seven National and merit awardees.
Addressing the function, Govindas said, the arcade will provide a marketing platform to 61 clusters to showcase their different products.
Developing the handloom and handicrafts will provide enormous opportunities for employment and economic independence. There should be work-culture among the people and consistency should be there from the artisans and weavers, he added.
MLA E Chand expressed that the public should also play an important role in developing handloom and handicrafts. When citizens of the State start to use handloom and handicrafts products at a large scale, economic development will come about.
He urged the people to start using handloom and handicrafts products.


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