Although many ethnic communities we are all Manipuris


The National Research Centre (NRC), Manipur in collaboration with the office of the Dean of Students Welfare, Manipur University invited me for a 5-day public dialogue on the theme of Protection of Indigenous Peoples of Manipur which was to be held from 24th to 28th of July, 2016 at the Centenary Hall of Manipur University.
In the programme, my name was put on the 4th day that is July 27, 2016. I had prepared the topic which I would like to speak. But, unfortunately, I could not attend the meeting/public dialogue because I got accident and I was hospitalised for 19 days at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Science (JNIMS) from 24th of July to the 11th of August, 2016.
The topic I had prepared was to suggest that all the indigenous people of Manipur  immigrated from other parts of the world. Some people/group came from Laos Cambodia, some from Thailand, some from China, some from Burma now Myanmar. Among the oldest inhabitants are the Meiteis and the Korens (Koirengs), the proof is that sometime in the 1st/2nd century AD in the time of Khamba Thoibi, the Meiteis of the Moirang went to Koireng village to worship Thangjing Koireng Lai, the god of the Korens (Koirengs). Today, I would like to say that whether early comers or late comers, all the indigenous people of the hill and valley must try our best to love one another and maintain strong integrity. Let us not say who they are and who we are.
At the present time, all the indigenous ethnic/tribe people need to join together to prevent the intrusion of new outsiders whether from other countries or other states of India. Inner Line Permit System (ILPS) must be implemented as soon as possible otherwise we will be dominated by outsiders. The ILPS is implemented in the Northeast states of India such as Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and so on, then why should not the system be implemented in the state of Manipur? I once again appeal to all the communities of Manipur and the government of Manipur should try their best to work together. The government of India must also think seriously about our demand and issue an order to implement the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur. I also appeal to let us try our best not to use alien words/language and let us not adopt alien names. At present time, 70% of the names in the Meitei community are Hindi/Mayang names. It will be better if Meitei names are Tomba Meitei, Ibohal Meitei, Ibotomba Meitei, Sakhenba Meitei, Chinglensana Meitei, Amuba Meitei, Sanayaima Meitei and so on. For female Thoihenbi Chanu, Yaiphabi Chanu, Tonthoibi Chanu, Chinglembi Chanu, Leikhambi Chanu, Momon Leima Chanu, Sinthoihenbi Chanu and so on.
The above mentioned names are just for examples. Besides Meitei and Chanu, names of clans and surnames can also be used. My suggestion is to stop using alien names.
Lastly but not the least, I would like to say a little bit about my treatment experience at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Science (JNIMS). All the doctors and nurses of JNIMS hospital are very sincere. Dr. Gailengmei Golmei was in-charge of my treatment. The group of doctors who accompanied him were also very kind and sincere and the nurses were also sincere.
However, quite different from the doctors and nurses, the security guards/personnel posted at JNIMS were somewhat insincere and ill-behaved. The security personnel would go around in all the rooms in the ward and would carry away the mobile phones which were being charged; and they would demand Rs 300 each from the owners of the mobile phones. One day the mobile phone of my daughter-in-law was taken away by one of the hospital security guard. When my daughter-in-law asked the security man to return the mobile phone, he told her to pay Rs 300. When my son heard about the demand, he asked the security man why he was demanding money for charging the phone. Then the security man said “Okay, you just pay only Rs 50. My son said “No, I’ll not pay a single rupee for your illegal act”. Then the security man returned the phone to my son without taking any money. Here, I would like to request the Medical department of Manipur as well as the JNIMS authority to check such illegal activity of the hospital security guards. To say this, I do not accuse the Manipur police department, I am only complaining about the conduct of those security men who are posted at JNIMS hospital.


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