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On completing one year of signing Framework Agreement Nagas are not demanding anything but our rights : UNC


Ukhrul/SPt/CDL, Aug 3 : The political issue of the Nagas is not a demand but a birth right. It is the struggle to have political rights free from political suppression or oppression, stated UNC general secretary Milan during a function to mark the completion of one year of signing the historic Framework Agreement between the Govt of India and NSCN (IM) on August 3, 2015.
The day was also observed at Senapati and Chandel.
Speaking at the observance program, the general secretary of the UNC elaborated on the political rights of the Nagas and added that in the history of the Nagas, no Nation had conquered or ruled the Nagas.
The UNC general secretary recalled how the Naga Club submitted a memorandum to the Simon Commission in 1929 to leave them alone and let them live free from any foreign domination.
The  political struggle of the Nagas got internationalised after NSCN (IM) became a member of the UNPO in 1993, asserted Milan.
To settle the Indo-Naga issue, the cease fire agreement was signed in 1997 between GoI and NSCN (IM). The unique history of the Nagas was recognised during the course of the negotiation and after numerous rounds of talk, the Framework Agreement was signed last year at New Delhi to pave the way for a permanent solution.
Seeking to clear doubts, Milan said that under the Framework Agreement a Pan Naga Council would be constituted in order to ensure and safeguard  “our political rights, shared sovereignty and joint defence for peaceful co- existence of the two entities.” These points have been accepted in principle, he added.
Addressing the gathering, Dr Yaronsho Ngalung chairman ADC Ukhrul called upon all Nagas to unite and keep aside their differences to help bring a final solution.
TNL president Weapon Zimik reiterated the stand to back the Framework Agreement and said ‘Nagas must come together as one Naga Nation’.
Special prayer session was also held for leaders of GoI and NSCN (IM) to grant them sound health and wisdom.
At the same time the gathering expressed pleasure with the release of NSCN (IM) leader Anthony Ningkhan Shimray at Delhi on bail.
Members of ADC Ukhrul, social organization leaders, well wishers, all zone chairmen, headmen, office bearers of TSL, TKS, TMNL attended the observance program at Town Hall, Phungreitang, Ukhrul.
Senapati frontal bodies, tribe Hohos observe  day : Observing one year completion of the Naga Peace Accord signed between the Government of India and NSCN-IM, Senapati district frontal bodies and tribe Hohos organized a commemoration programme at different locations today.
A formal progamme was held at SDWA hall which was attended by NPO members, Senapati ADC Chairman, Vice-Chairman, ADC Members, Church leaders, representatives of NPMHR, SDSA & SDWA and social leaders.
NPMHR activist Joyson Mazamo stressed on the present scenario of the Indo-Naga peace process. He also said NSCN-IM leader Anthony Shimray will be released on bail from Tihar jail this evening.
Former Poumai Naga Union president Ng Lohrii said that certain elements and groups are attempting to sabotage the ongoing peace process and cautioned the people to stay alert against such anti-Naga policies and agendas.
ADC Chairman ML Markson also spoke on the need to expedite the Indo-Naga peace talks.
According to NPO, a memorandum appended by all tribe presidents was submitted to the PM urging to bring a solution to the Indo-Naga issue at the earliest.
Maram Union observes historic day with prayers : Maram Union organized a prayer service to commemorate the day.
The prayer service was held at MRNBA conference hall and attended by representatives of Maram Union, Maram Women’s Union, Maralui Karalimei Swijoikang (MKS), Maram Naga Baptist Association, Maram Area Catholic Association, Maram Christian Revival Church, Maram Thangal Region, workers, missionaries, evangelists, Willong Circle, Maram Circle, Senapati Circle, political and social leaders.
A two-minute silence was observed as a  mark of respect to the departed soul of Isak Chishi Swu.
CNPO observes day : Naga civil societies of Chandel under the aegis of Chandel Naga People’s Organisation observed a prayer service to commemorate the signing of the historic Framework Agreement at the Indoor stadium today, reports our correspondent.
The programme was attended by 500 Nagas including leaders of various tribal hohos, civil bodies, women organisations, students, Church leaders, village authorities members, social workers and chief functionaries of NSCN (IM).
Thumpa Turiim , co-convener, Steering Committee of NSCN (IM),  also delivered a speech on the the Framework Agreement.
A memorandum addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also read out by CNPO’s joint secretary Wng Prem.
Pastor of Chumbang Baptist Church Rev Y Halpu led the mass special prayer for the success of the Framework Agreement.



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