Criss-crossing pedestrians impede traffic flow


ffront-1-traffic-735x400IMPHAL, Aug 27: Crossing of roads byat the feet of BT Flyover on BT Road and Uripok road have been seriously hampering vehicular traffic.
Just adjacent to either ends of the BT Flyover, there are relatively high road medians to deter haphazard and random crossing of roads by pedestrians. Yet, people have been crossing the roads at their own convenience regardless of the road medians.
Moreover, diesel autos have been using these places for changing directions thereby posing serious disturbances to vehicular traffic.
Commenting on The Sangai Express’ campaign on traffic congestion and traffic management at Imphal city, one Sinam Somendro of Lairikyengbam Leikai pointed out that crossing of roads by pedestrians at either end of BT Flyover at Uripok and BT Road has been severely hampering traffic flow.
There were even cases of fatal road accidents when vehicles hit the nearby road medians on either end of the BT Flyover.
The situation grew worse after the road running to the West of Johnstone higher Secondary School was turned into markets. Shoppers as well as commuters have been criss-crossing BT Road at the foot of BT Flyover. Although a few TCP personnel are deployed at either end of the flyover, they could not control pedestrians from criss-crossing the roads.
Vendors who have been selling fruits in front of Chamber Hospital have been occupying foot-paths but neither police nor any other people raise any objection. Yet, vegetable vendors occupying footpaths in other parts of Khwairamband Keithel are chased away by police every now and then.
Parking of vehicles by people who are visiting Chamber Hospital and nearby hotels, and occupation of foot-paths by fruit sellers have made the area highly congested although City Police Station is located nearby, Somendro remarked.
He expressed keen desire for the authority concerned to take up some effective remedial measures. One Uttam of Sagolband Mantri Lampak said that two-wheeler dealers need to give some thoughts to the ever growing traffic congestions in Imphal.


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