DoNER turns down road project proposal


E-Front-__-road-inspection-by-DonerIMPHAL, Aug 6 : Even as the State Government sent repeated proposals for construction of the 26 Kms long Churachandpur-Sugnu road aka Chura-Sugnu road with funds from NLCPR, the Ministry of DoNER has rejected all the proposals contending that no new projects would be taken up during 2016-17.
The State Government sent repeated proposals for development of the road as it serves as a key link between four districts viz; Thoubal, Bishnupur, Chandel and Churachandpur.
However, the Ministry of DoNER was saying that his financial year would be dedicated to completion of incomplete projects rather than taking up new ones.
Though the road was black-topped in the past, it was literally abandoned for the past 20 years. As such, the road is now in a very pathetic condition.
Notably, many projects taken up under NLCPR in the State are incomplete with the State Government unable to provide its due share of funds. As such, departments concerned are unable to submit utilization certificates.
Notably, the State Government should produce 10 per cent of the estimated costs of all projects taken up under NLCPR.
Many civil society organisations have been asking the Government time and again to repair the road.
Although no source of fund is available to repair the road, Singhat AC MLA Ginsuanhou has started repairing the road so as to make it at least passable.
Already, repairing work has been completed for almost 13 Kms and Ginsuanhou today inspected the road repairing work.
The MLA was accompanied by Saikot Sub-Division Chiefs’ Association Chairman Paokhomang Haokip and KSO Sangaikot sub-division president Jamchinlen Lhungdim.
Paokhomang Haokip and Jamchinlen Lhungdim said they were fearful that passenger buses and light vehicles might not be able to travel on the road during rainy season.
With the road now repaired to some extent, buses and light vehicles can travel along the road, they said.
MLA Ginsuanhou informed that repeated proposals were sent to develop the road under NLCPR but all the proposals were turned down. The road is being repaired just to make it at least passable out of sheer necessity.
“The road would be developed as a standard road in case I get elected in the 2017 Assembly election” said the MLA.
Around 40 trucks move to and fro between Sugnu and Churachandpur everyday on the average.
Meanwhile, the 15 Kms long Sangaikot-Khongkhai road is being repaired under PMGSY.
All the funds sanctioned for development purposes would be used for the right purposes and not a single rupee would be misused, Ginsuanhou pledged.


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