Getting more and more intriguing Where did they come from ?


It is getting more intriguing. The Saudi Ambassador to India has categorically stated that the two foreign Nationals who were lynched inside Sajiwa jail on Saturday for murdering another local inmate were not from Saudi Arabia, thereby negating the hitherto held belief that they were from Saudi Arabia. As reported, the two were held along the Imphal-Moreh route in 2013 for not possessing valid documents and have since been incarcerated inside the jail. The prison term also got over after one year but since no country claimed them as their citizens they could not be deported. The question now is which country did they belong to ? And what were they doing in Manipur ? Since they were arrested along Imphal-Moreh route three years back, it may be assumed that they sneaked into the territory of Manipur from neighbouring Myanmar. But in the absence of any proof nothing can be substantially said at this point. The worrying point however is the question of what were they doing in Manipur and what was their purpose of visiting the State ? Or were they just passing through the State to proceed to their final destination ? Either way things don’t look good and the question is what were the State Government and the Centre doing all these years ? This question is important given the prevailing situation across the world.
It is still a mystery as to why the two foreign Nationals killed a local man inside the jail and while the ADGP of Manipur police did brief the media on the incident, not much was said about how the killings occurred. The wife of the late local man has every reason to feel short changed for the murder of her husband exposed to a large extent the free hand given to the inmates, some of who are hardened criminals. The three shared the same cell inside the jail and the important question is how did they communicate with each other ? Did they share a language which was common to all of them ? If yes then what was the language ? If no then how did they communicate with each other ? Given the current global situation, it is important for the Government to be very careful and be on their toes, especially when it comes to foreign Nationals. No efforts should have been spared to understand the antecedents of the two foreigners. That this was not judiciously pursued can be understood from the fact that no one seems to know the Nationalities of the two late foreigners. More than likely that their Nationalities will remain a mystery. This is what is uncomfortable and at the same scary too.


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