How unique is Nagaland?


Source: Morung Express

Nagaland is indeed unique because of the reasons enumerated here below:
1. The State of Nagaland has become the youngest in the race for development than those of the States in NE India which are a decade younger in terms of statehood creation.

2. Nagaland has vehicles without worth calling roads. Our roads are specially made to keep the drivers alert and awake throughout driving. This road policy evolved by NPWD reduces accidents worth copying by other developed nations. New Ministers’ Hill, Kohima road tops the chart. Unique Achievement award can be expected from Bali by year end.

3. Nagaland has the highest employment population ratio and the lowest rate of attendance in office by employees. They are the privilege class as they enjoy facilities without sweat. I am part of it.

4. Nagaland Govt. employees are born twice. It’s really unique for them to have two Dates of Birth each. One is for tithe and the other is for self, after all they are also Christians who are expected to give tithe honestly. An employee remains young so long in service, and he or she instantly becomes several years older simultaneous with retirement. Then the older-younger sister or brother instantly retains the seniority in the family on superannuation. Unique indeed.

5. The wisdom of politicians and bureaucrats in Nagaland is so unique that the Nagaland Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulations, 2012 and Nagaland Petroleum and Natural Gas Rules, 2012 will give maximum benefit to people from outside Nagaland and minimum benefit to Nagas of Nagaland when oil is explored under these Rules. The award was received already from foreign land for the rules were uniquely drafted.

6. Nagaland has maximum administrative HQs without manpower. The excess administration without administration is the unique arrangement.

7. Nagaland is in Before Christ (BC) in terms of Census and Electoral Roll. Several settlements had shrunk their Census figures of 2011 from 2001. The total E-Roll of 2011 was 13.40 lakh is now reduced to 11.40 lakh out of purification. 2 lakh reduced in 2016 and it can still be reduced with more than justifications. Both Census and E-Roll are expected to reduce further by 2021. Thus, Nagaland counts in BC order which is indeed unique.

8. Nagaland has one real unique feature is that several Villages have voters in E-Roll exceeding total population. Yet, no absentees during polls. Doing well.

9. The Govt. quarters with lands are rapidly diminishing everywhere with the increase in employee population. What a unique mismatch! The spineless Govt. with IAS, NCS and legions of Police led by myopic politicians are no match to marauding so-called land owners who are devouring the public properties alive. Perhaps Govt. is confident to accommodate its employees in purgatory after few years when there is no more Govt. accommodation. Uniquely irresponsible and careless which definitely deserves award from Bali.

10. Nagaland has sufficient vibrant bureaucrats having no ability to become shock-absorbers and speed breakers. What a waste?

11. Nagaland Govt. goes on appointing more and more employees without giving them salary. Employees not causing financial burden to Govt. is unique.

12. Nagaland has the highest number of Theological Colleges producing the quietest theologians and perhaps filled with the spirit of timidity.

13. The unabated proxy teaching, the over-staff and under-staff schools and the shamble infrastructures under Education Departments added to the uniqueness of Nagaland.

14. The pathetic Govt. health centres without manpower and basic amenities and with nothing to cater to public health is unique. What is more unique is the empty health centres do not cure ailment of anybody.

15. Another unique feature of Nagaland is BPL is in need and APL is in deed. How Govt. treats its people make me a pessimist. National Food Security Act will be short lived. Because the Civil Supply Minister and his cohorts to khujuli lag after a while.
16. Nagaland has over its due share of parasitical NGOs contributing more harm to our society than good.
17. The 1989 Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act was aimed at making the crook black marketers to rapidly annihilate the lives of consumers with spurious liquor which inflow is uniquely unabated. The free flow of liquor will continue because few cases of liquor are prone to irritate the eyes of the enforcers of NLTPA but the kingpins are too soft to irritate their eyes due to kickbacks.
18. Nagaland has tendencies to over eat out of festivities in the name of ‘Land of Festivals’ than saving what meagre is left. Spending and consuming unmeasured is our uniqueness.
19. The sale of vote in Nagaland is unique, and Nagaland election is as same as the atmosphere in African zoo.
20. The latest addendum of uniqueness is the e-disposal of business transaction within 15 minutes by NLA in the last Session. What an efficient, classic and supersonic performance. The voters must reward them appropriately.
Mathew 12:38:- The Pharisees and the teachers of law demanded miracle from Jesus. The Lord reprimanded them saying that only the wicked and adulterous generation seek for miraculous signs. There is no dearth of miracles in Nagaland. Had those Pharisees and law teachers being in our midst today, they would have been satisfied with the above miracles and would not have approached Jesus to receive the rebuke.
At this rate, we have much potentiality to add more unique features to beautiful NAGALAND.
Z. Lohe


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