Keeping mum for three years Discrepancies claim after 3 years


Courting problems. And the State Government seems to have perfected this. A look at the reality should drive home this point. On the one had the Government is pressed hard by the demand that a fresh Bill be introduced in the coming Assembly session to check the influx of non-local people into the State while on the other hand a number of hill based organisations have made it clear that they will oppose any Bill if it goes against the interest of the tribals. Even now the bodies of the nine people killed at Churachandpur last year are yet to be buried and the series of protests lined up by the Churachandpur JAC is in progress. As if this is not enough the State Government has gone ahead and nullified the recruitment process of police Constables, for which the DPC was held way back in 2013. This obviously did not go down well with the over 10,000 candidates who appeared for the DPC and their protest has had a profound impact on the daily lives of the common people. With the highway blockade still in force,  the first commodity that has been hit hard is fuel and now with oil tanker drivers refusing to take the wheel, the situation will only get more dire in the next few days. Supply of other commodities will also get hit. Making things worse is the decision of the Government to conduct another recruitment drive on August 30 after cancelling the one held way back in 2013. The result was the confrontation between the 2013 candidates, fully backed by the State unit of the BJP, and the police or the Government at Pangei in Imphal East.
From refusing to comment on the matter to later claiming that there were too many discrepancies in the DPC held in 2013, the State Government did a U turn, but this explanation will not cut ice with anyone. If there are discrepancies as claimed, then why did the Government wait for three years ? Absolutely makes no sense at all. Moreover who has been penalised for the discrepancies ? At the moment there is nothing to suggest that the State Government intends to crack the whip and penalise those responsible for the discrepancies, that is if the discrepancies story is anywhere near the truth. Mastering the art of courting problems and this is what is unacceptable. Why did the Government wait for three years before claiming that there were too many discrepancies in the recruitment process ? Is this a ploy to discredit anyone, particularly ahead of the Assembly election scheduled to be held in the early part of next year ? A clear case that to this Government, the future of so many youngsters does not matter on the board of political games. What is happening right now is more than the fate of 10,000 candidates or so, but about how the Government has been taking the people for granted for too long. Unacceptable it is.


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