Learn from Tripura : IPSA


IMPHAL, Aug  27: International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA) has said that Manipur Government must be aware about the difficulties faced by indigenous Tripuris in their own homeland.
In a statement, the association said that Manipur Government must understand that these difficulties and humiliations were the fallout of unchecked influx of outsiders.
Indigenous Tripuris who were once the citizens of an independent kingdom are now pleading for their rights to majority Bengali community, IPSA said.
One-third of the total land of Tripura has now been occupied by Bengalis and indigenous Tripuris are now compelled to demand a separate homeland known as Twipra on the areas where they are currently occupying, it added.
They are worried that they would be subjected to force assimilation and their remaining land would be snatched away by majority Bengalis, IPSA said and added that Manipur Government needs to realise the truth that indigenous Manipuris would also face a similar situation if necessary measures are not taken up immediately.
The condition of indigenous Tripuris is so pitiable that they were even attacked by majority Bengalis when they took out a rally to demand their rights and homeland, IPSA said.
As such, it is high time that indigenous people of North East region collectively check influx of non-locals, the association further said.
Although, Assam Government is said to have taken up measures to check unregulated entry of non-locals, over five lakh non-locals are still residing in the State, IPSA said.


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